Measurable Results Training ® Process ESW certified Microsoft trainers customize courses and leverage our proven group training method

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Ensure Maximum Results from Group Training

Getting the Most Out of Your Training

We understand that every training event should be different based on your students’ unique learning goals. We offer you an easy, cost-effective solution for providing your employees with a personalized learning experience. Select from one of our popular “off the shelf” courses or customize your training course and materials to fit your specific classroom needs and scheduling requirements. We like the opportunity to deliver a truly unique expert-facilitated training event each and every time.

Our Measurable Results Training ® will provide a mixture of lecture and hands-on learning and also a Q&A session with our instructor. We do our best to make sure that the content is useful, relevant, and delivered professionally.

1. Analyzing the Training Need – (Initial Consultation)


We want to know more about your employees:

1. What are their application needs? Excel and/or something else?

2. What level(s) do they need training in? (We can help)

3. How many employees and in what locations?

4. Do you prefer live online or on-site training?

2. Contracting


Based on our discussions, we will issue a quote for the training services requested. Volume discounts typically apply.

3. Design the Perfect Class(es)


Our training team works directly with HR or whomever the business point of contact is to ensure we are covering course content that is extremely relevant and coincides with the experience level of the employees taking the class.

4. Setup Classroom & Materials (Online or On-Site)


To make sure training goes off without a hitch, we will confirm many days in advance about the location the training is to take place as well as the room setup and materials needed. Sometimes, these are just laptops or workstations other times workbooks are needed depending on how the class is being delivered.

5. Deploy Instructor (Online or On-Site)


Our instructors arrive typically an hour before class starts in the morning. On certain occasions, instructors have already met with senior management to go over course curriculum and custom material being taught.

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