4 Reasons to Hire an Excel Developer

Even if you have the most advanced Excel expert working for you, chances are they have only touched on a fraction of what this Microsoft application can do.

Excel has a plethora of formulas that execute a specific demand to aid your work approach. What you might not know is those formulas can do so much more with the assistance of certain applications. Some skeptics may argue that there’s no need for an Excel developer—that their current processes work perfectly fine. While this might be true for the time being, there’s going to come a time when suddenly it doesn’t, because businesses grow and software can fail. If you’re not prepared for this, it can stunt your company’s workflow and possibly hurt your business.

Not many people are aware of what an Excel developer can do for your company. The experienced professionals at ExcelHelp.com, a Microsoft software and consultant company in New York and a division of eSoftware Associates offer 4 reasonable explanations to why you might want to hire an Excel developer. 

  1. An Excel Developer can reduce the amount of time it takes to type in regular demands throughout a workday.
    The keyword here is ‘automation’. Automation is a procedure that makes a certain process—big or small, operate automatically. What this means for you is that you’ll be able to reduce the time it takes to perform a task, making your overall work process quicker and efficient.

    For instance, if your human resource department is calculating the work hours for the same employees every week using an Excel spreadsheet, then an Excel developer can design a functionality that will automatically do this for you by extracting the work hours from a time clock or another application. Even if you have a relatively large company with different departments and different pay levels, an Excel developer can customize a payroll process that will accurately calculate these totals for you on a weekly basis and even provide an annual total when it’s time to issue W2s.

  1. Developers can create forms that offer great interface for entering data as well as editing. 
    An Excel developer can create a user-friendly interface that allows multiple users to input data and process it so that it’s easy to read and manage. A system like this is most beneficial when you have a team of workers communicating with a client. Based on the needs of your company, an Excel developer can create the right type of form that will work for your employees and your clients.

    When you’re working on a group project, there are many moving parts. Likewise, there’s usually many people involved, and there needs to be one document that everyone can track and review each other’s progress. While a regular Excel spreadsheet can do this—and even a Google doc, it can still get messy and confusing trying to figure out who wrote what and when!

  1. It’s much more affordable compared to standardized software.
    While there’s plenty of software applications used for standard business practices, eventually you’ll find a glitch in the system that doesn’t comply with how your business runs. These standardized software applications only allow you to operate within certain boundaries. While you may have already spent a considerable amount money on the application to begin with, you’ll probably have to spend more time and possibly more money for tech support and upgrades.

    When you hire an Excel Consultant from ExcelHelp.com, you create your own application that will completely work for your business alone with a Bug Free Guarantee. An Excel Consultant will conduct a thorough assessment of your business operations in conjunction with your specific needs and request, and design an automatic process with a user-friendly interface that works for everyone.

  1. It’s quicker for someone to create the automation process for you even if you can do it yourself.
    You can certainly teach yourself how to automate a process, but you’ll be much more efficient if you hire someone to do it for you. One important thing you must take into consideration is the time it will take to train your employees on how to work the new automation process. Even if it is simple and meant to streamline a process, people still need to adjust to new procedures. If you’re the developer who created the process, you’ll most likely be the person to train everyone. Depending on the size of your company, hiring an Excel developer to develop and train your staff in person or remotely might be something to consider.

If you think your company might benefit from the assistance of an Excel developer, contact ExcelHelp.com to schedule a free consultation. We offer Excel development, database development, and advanced financial solutions. Call us today at 1-800-682-0882, or submit a request for our services online.