Backlink Removal with BL Genie by

The process of organizing and removing backlinks can add stress to your job and life, unless you are equipped with the proper tools. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help with different aspects of the backlink cleanup process, which is shown in the following diagram.

Backlink Management

A variety of tools are available to handle the first three steps in the process, but our favorite tool for managing entire process is BL Genie® by This tool seamlessly gathers backlinks, backlink metrics, and associated contact information and places them in organized lists, ready for your human skills of link evaluation.

Once you have evaluated and rated the links, an automated email utility can be used to request removal of bad links. This tool keeps track of all your correspondence regarding link removal and even generates a report in the format needed for Google’s disavow tool. In our experience, even the savviest Excel users become overwhelmed with the many tedious processes involved in backlink removal. BL Genie® does them for you, while letting you focus on decision making.

If your website’s ranking is critical to your business, then the importance of routine backlink analysis and cleansing can’t be stressed enough. Ever since Google developed the Panda and Penguin algorithms, websites have been penalized for the existence of links from low quality or irrelevant sites. Some sites that were initially spared from Google’s penalties are now suffering because the penalties have been used by their unscrupulous competitors as a weapon. Reports abound of competitors posting bad links for the purpose of inflicting damage with Google’s penalties.

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