Custom Excel Development Company: 4 Ways to Hire The Correct One

Finding a reputable software development company to expand upon your Microsoft Excel applications may be a bit more challenging than you think. You won’t have any difficulties finding a group of software developers.  However, finding the right team who will take the time to invest in your business’s mission  is an issue that many companies run into.

If you’re looking for just the right Excel development company, here are 4 helpful tips to help you hire the right one.

1. Find a team who understands your mission.

It’s extremely important that you find the right custom Excel development company that you wouldn’t mind working with as a partner. Many companies make the mistake of looking at programming developers simply as hired help. It is important to understand that you are hiring developers to make your business run more efficiently, a task that requires a strong partnership.

In order for  a project to be executed successfully and to its full capability, the development company needs to conduct a thorough audit of your business’ internal operations.  During this audit, the development team will discover what’s not working well, and then present viable cost-effective solutions that will streamline the processes. This means adopting your company’s practices and understanding the overall mission and direction of the business. It requires a partnering of resources and consistent communication. It means having a developing company that actually cares about your business.

2. Interview them. Find out what their polices are.

Looking at an agency’s website is not enough to merit whether the company is good enough to entrust with your company’s private information. Contact them! Interview them! Ask questions! Find out who they are as a collective team of Excel developers, what they’re polices are, and how they typically conduct business.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much valuable information you can get from a consultation meeting. By personally talking with an Excel team member, you’ll be able to gauge their own mission—which is to adopt yours, if they’re good!

Because relationships are the foundation to many great business ventures, eSoftware Associates Inc., development company based in New York, offers a free 1st-time consultation meeting for inquiring businesses that are looking for a team of custom Excel developers.

3. Make sure they have Excel programming experts.

This is an important one. It is possible to hire a team of programming experts, and none of them are proficient in Microsoft Excel. That can turn into a costly problem because one of two things will happen.

  1. The company is going to outsource the service, costing you more money.
  1. Inexperienced developers will attempt to execute the project. This will take more time and cost you even more money.

Either way, not having an experienced Excel developer on the team is going to cost you.

4. Find out what they have done lately.

This is an easy one. Check out the company’s most recent work. With technology advancing at an increasing rate, you want to make sure that the business is current with Excel programming practices. In this field of work, if the development team’s most recent project was done two or three years ago, that could be a sign of a dying business.

eSoftware Associates, We’re All 4 You!

Hiring a software development team is a business decision that requires you and key executives in your company, to work alongside programming engineers to execute a software solution that will ultimately make your internal processes work more efficiently.

Be sure to find out how strong and technically diverse their development team is with these 4 tips. Then, schedule a personal consultation with an eSoftware Associate consultant by calling our toll-free number at 800-682-0882. You can also contact us online.