Custom Reports in Excel for Various Industries

custom Excel report sliders

Many businesses need the ability to create their own custom reports in Excel. Whether you run a small business or a large company, having the right reporting tools at your fingertips can help you make more accurate decisions faster. Microsoft Excel provides a number of powerful tools to make reports that are dynamic and flexible.

Excel is arguably the best tool for developing custom reports for any industry because it has powerful features like slicers, dynamic variables in formulas and code, can connect to external systems through ODBC, and more. Let’s talk about some of its features and how it can be used.

Slicers in Excel are a great feature Microsoft added a while back. With slicers, users can quickly filter their data without having to manually dig through it all by hand. This makes it simpler to make reports that can be used in different ways and truly only show the data that is needed at that time. This feature is used in a variety of ways and in various fields like finance, accounting, marketing, sales, and other places where quickly analyzing data is imperative.

custom Excel report sliders
Excel reports slicers

Dynamic Variables are another important feature in Excel is it lets users set up variables that update data automatically when changes are made. This means that users can quickly change the parameters of their reports without having to type in new numbers every single time something changes. It also makes sure that your report is always up-to-date by constantly updating it whenever data changes.

dynamic variables in excel reports
Dynamic variables

Connecting to external systems is a huge advanced benefit of using Excel related to developing custom reports. It can use ODBC connections to connect directly to a plethora of external systems… really almost any system. These connections let users access large amounts of data from databases outside of their own system without having to manually copy and paste it into their spreadsheet every time they need an update. This saves time and effort, and every time you run your report, you will get accurate results.

ADO and ODBC Connection
ADO/ODBC Connection


When it comes to building Excel custom reports for different industries, Microsoft Excel gives you a lot of freedom. With its powerful Slicers function, dynamic variables, ability to connect to external systems through ODBC connections, and more, this application makes it easy for professionals and business owners alike to get the most out of their reporting needs. Whether you want to learn more about your company’s financial statements or get a better idea of how sales are going, Excel can help you do better reporting than ever before.

If you need to discuss building reports for your company in Excel, please feel free to contact our USA team and we’ll be happy to assist.