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Excel Classes Online Live & Virtual

All Excel Levels taught in small online curated classes

Don’t you hate it?

The thought of lost productivity due to inefficient use of Microsoft Excel. This problem gets especially tough to stomach when you consider just 5% of people use its suite of tools to their full capacity.

Sure, Excel training for your team closes this gap. Yet there’s still the challenge of keeping the information top of mind.

And what about your team members with specific challenges who need direct feedback?

This is where our Excel training comes in handy.

Available in 3 levels over the course of a 5.5 hour class, each session is small (under 12 students) and taught by expert Microsoft Certified instructors. So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced user, you get training focused specifically on your needs and level.

With this virtual class approach, you …

  • Save time because you’re not traveling to a site.
  • Work smarter with Microsoft Excel, regardless of your experience.
  • Master specific skills within the software.
  • Solve challenges quickly that limit efficiency.
  • Get new ideas and strategies you can apply to your daily operations.
  • Get that next promotion or raise based on consistent ease of productivity
  • These sessions pay for themselves which is why many corporate clients provide quarterly sessions to employees.
  • Now offering to the public for the first time after 15 years of being in business!

  • Of course, this training also ensures you always have the most current and accurate information.

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    When you register, simply pick from one of our scheduled classes and we’ll guide you through the process up to training day.

    Each class that is over the course of a day is around $285. Or, book multiple classes and receive a discount.

    Your trainings are delivered online via Webex or other online platform. So there’s no traveling to worry about, and you can get started immediately.

    Schedule your Excel training class today.

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