Why You Need an Excel Programming Firm

Why Hire an Excel Programming Firm

What is an Excel programming firm?

An Excel programming firm is an organization that specializes in custom Excel development in the form of applications specifically designed for use in Microsoft Excel using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). Most of our clients come to us with the idea that Excel can do a lot more than it is currently setup for but what they don’t realize is the extensive functionality they can have in their hands very quickly.

How Excel Programming Can Help Your Business

Our Excel programmers have engineered thousands of projects for organizations of all sizes- small, medium, and large. From mom-and-pops to corporate client to governments, we can help make your business more efficient and more productive. Leverage technology to turn vast amounts of data into information your leadership can use to make better decisions faster. Our Excel programming ™ process helps:

  • Clients improve efficiency by 249% on average, per project.
  • Reduce overhead by 19%-38% on average, per focus area.
  • Eliminate 98% of errors that can occur within your data.

Our consultants have tremendous experience creating customized applications that have enabled businesses to replace their old, time-consuming manual procedures with automated systems. Systems that are far more efficient, more robust and more user-friendly.

Microsoft Excel Expert Programming Examples

  1. Excel custom dashboards
  2. Custom PDF’s and reporting
  3. XML transfers through VBA
  4. Excel and Access integration
  5. Email integration with Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail, etc
  6. Excel Macros for finance
  7. Polished commercial-grade look/feel

What you can expect from our team

  • MS Excel Automation that turns manual operations that now take hours into those that can be accomplished in seconds.
  • Information clarity translated from vast amounts of data in a format you can use to immediately understand the situation and make decisions.
  • Excel Custom data imports/connections so you can pull data from all different sources into Excel including SQL, Oracle, .CSV and others
  • Excel Custom dashboards to show key data points and trends at a glance so you can easily track and display results.
  • Financial modeling to insure accurate accounting, budgeting and sales forecasting with clear and precise top-level reporting.
  • Custom navigation based in Excel and created to fit your business application.
  • Excel Data mining. We can segment and stratify your data and turn it into meaningful information.
  • Effective user input via single interface to drive result-oriented and actionable items, and sort and store all data the way you want it saved.
  • Robust, multi-user Excel/Access front-end, back-end application for data scalability.
  • Custom charts and graphs fed from various data sources including data imports and servers.

Our reputation was built on custom Excel solutions, the world’s most powerful business solution, to meet the needs of businesses like yours. We accomplish this by delivering consistent results.

Our firm provides these Excel professional services and many others around the US and Canada; specifically in New York, Houston, California, Texas and any other location in North America. We also provide excel training to all types of organizations. If interested, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.