How Custom Excel Solutions Make Companies 2X More Efficient

When you invest in a customized Microsoft Excel solution, you are building a system that is designed to specifically meet the needs of your company. Processes will be built based on how your company’s internal workflow operates. In contrast,   “out-of-the-box” management systems, require you to work around the system, forcing you to figure out how each of your processes can fit into the system.

In some cases, this works—typically for smaller businesses, as very few processes are needed. However, when businesses grow, especially for product-based businesses, there are more moving pieces to manage and keep track of. This is when an automated process would be most helpful.

Things to Consider When Automating Your Business Processes

Let’s take product based companies as an example.  When automating a business process, you first need to determine how each product will relate to your sales revenue.  Managing the sales, returns, and inventory replacement of each item, keeping track of whether it’s being sold in a storefront, or which online sales channel are important things to consider. These considerations vary depending on the industry, the size of the company, and the products/services being sold

For products, you also need to determine if there are any other attributes such as size, color, quantity, etc. All of these aspects must be properly organized within your management system so that you can easily find inventory counts to forecast re-orders, , or the number of hours that have been spent on a certain project.  Thanks to Excel, our development team can create a spreadsheet solution that allows you to do all of this and more.

A Custom Excel Solution Should Be Scalable

If you’re selling one t-shirt, that’s one product you’re selling.

Or is it?

Unless it’s a one-size-fits all type of deal, that t-shirt will can come in a variety of sizes, such as small, medium, and large. In this case, you’re actually selling three t-shirts. If have five t-shirts of each size, then the inventory goes up to 15 t-shirts. Your existing database may not be able to handle inventory increases as your business grows.  A customized Excel spreadsheet can be custom-designed to display an infinite amount of units in a presentable format, allowing you to sell and manage as many t-shirts as you want.

You Can Grow Your Business with the Right Excel Program Developer

An experienced Excel program developer can create a spreadsheet with the ability to connect to multiple business locations should you choose to expand your business.  You can have a custom-branded management interface that tracks all of the inventory and sales within a single database.

Custom Excel Solutions Reduces Manpower

One great benefit a custom Excel solution brings to every business is the power of automation. Through automation, tasks that may have taken hours to complete can be executed in a matter of minutes. This feature provides incredible savings to any business’ revenue. If built properly, a custom Excel solution saves time and money, and the migration process will be error-free thanks to our Bug Free Guarantee.

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