How Custom Excel Templates and Programming Can Improve Efficiency

Do you find yourself writing a letter to clients and/or customers that generally say the same thing? Think about it, how much more efficient would it be if you had a template on your desktop ready to open at a moment’s notice, and all you had to do is update the date, names, and addresses? Imagine how much time that would save you!

Doing the Same with Excel

The same could be said about Microsoft Excel software. While Excel is designed to be used in a number of ways to increase the efficiency of your daily operations, all of these options might lead to investing too much time in designing a spreadsheet to suit your worker’s daily needs.

Doing What Works

What would happen if each of your employees custom designed their own spreadsheet to keep track of shared tasks? This may sound ridiculous, but if you haven’t hired professional programmers to implement a software system that can streamline your daily work processes, chances are many of your workers are already doing this, re-creating the wheel.

How Do You Know if You Need a Template?

If your daily processes seem to be taking up a considerable amount of your productivity, chances are there is something that can be done to make it better. And oftentimes, it’s just a simple Excel spreadsheet template that might do trick!

A template is the framework to whatever process you’re working with. It is the foundation, and the skeletal make-up of your work. If you don’t need to build that framework again, you shouldn’t have to. The problem is, sometimes you may not know exactly what it is that needs streamlined and how an Excel spreadsheet can aid in making that happen., a Microsoft Excel software development and application company based in New York has an experienced team of skilled consultants who are trained to analyze your day-to-day operations and compose a solution that will optimize your workflow, resulting in efficient time spent that ultimately saves, and might even make you money. This is all done by composing a customized Excel spreadsheet designed specifically for your business.

What Microsoft Excel Can Do for You

Something as simple as taking meeting minutes can be streamlined into an efficient work process. Instead of jotting down a rough outline of the agenda, taking down notes, and following up on who is assigned to do what—then following up on that, you can have one simple spreadsheet that does all of this for you. This sheet can also be designed in a way where you’re able to use it repeatedly, not just on a one-time basis.

Your business might be able to benefit from an application that tracks sales and allows for your team members to input data into the same document without having to save, email, or even upload documents into the cloud. A custom designed interface with the intent to allow for more functionality, whether it’s on the frontend or backend, will increase your company’s efficiency.

Microsoft Excel’s Full Potential

An Excel spreadsheet has the potential to do so much more than crunch numbers. With the right kind of customization, you’ll be able to accurately track not only sales, but inventory, payroll, and monitor processes on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and/or annual basis.

Other Services

Our company focuses on Microsoft Excel, Office, and SQL server, Azure and SharePoint. We also offer support and training to help your employees get comfortable with the new spreadsheet application. works with companies of all sizes throughout the country, and we’re confident that we can help yours too. Our team of certified professionals is standing by ready to answer any questions you might have to make your business work better. If you’re interested in optimizing your workflow using a Microsoft Excel template, call us today for a free consultation at 1-800-682-0882, or you can contact us through our online form.