How Is MS Excel Better Than Google Sheets?

How Is MS Excel Better Than Google Sheets?

MS Excel and Google sheets are both popular tools, and sometimes we use them interchangeably. But the one question that often dawns upon the users is how they are different and which one to use and when?

So, here is a rundown of this spreadsheet software that will give you an idea of how they are the same and yet different?

Excel and Google Sheets Comparison

1. Functionality

Excel offers a robust feature set with advanced functionality as compared to any other spreadsheet software. However, the most effective tool of MS Excel that makes it best than the rest is its power view (a data visualization technology ) and the ability to perform complex calculations that involve rigorous number crunching.

The idea behind MS Excel was to manage humongous amounts of data at once, and it does that seamlessly without slowing down. At present, Excel can handle over 17 Billion cells, while Sheets supports only 5 Million.

Google Sheets is a straightforward tool to learn and get started with, but it manages low volumes of data, unlike Excel. So, it won’t be a viable option for large businesses that need to deal with massive data daily. Another pressing issue with Sheets is that as the data increases, the loading time also increases.

2. Inbuilt – Visualization Options

Excel offers tons of inbuilt visualization options and allows the creation of graphs and charts whenever needed. For example, you can create Gantt charts and flow charts without any manual effort. If you have tried making a professional presentation that involves presenting a lot of data, you will know how helpful this feature is.

Google Sheets don’t have options to create charts and flowcharts as rich as MS Excel, which Excel does with total ease. Even if you want to create charts or graphs, you will need to do it manually, which is inefficient.

3. Functions and Formulas

You cannot beat Excel when it comes to managing accounting or financial data. However, if you are a big business and wish to do something in the spreadsheet, you can always find a formula or a command in Excel.

Also, the popularity of MS Excel over the years has resulted in several Excel development services that provide help for efficient management of your data. The existing documentation for Excel is far more extensive, so you always have an answer if you ever get stuck.

Google Sheets offer formulas and functions, but it is pretty limited compared to the massive function and command library of MS Excel.

4. Offline Access

Businesses have been using Excel for decades, and it is in the lead for offline access support. You might be wondering how? You can work offline without getting stuck, and you can also sync the data to one drive as soon as your connection is restored.

The central premise of Google sheets is to support online access, but it also offers offline support. But it is not that smooth as that of MS Excel, and you need to install an offline extension to use it without the Internet connection.

5. Ease of use

Excel is the oldest and the most intelligent spreadsheet program ever made. If anyone has put in some effort to learn this tool, they love its versatility and rich functional capacity. You may find it slightly heavy for the bazillion of things it can do, but you will love it once you know how.

Google sheets are easy to use, but it works well only if you want to perform simple day-to-day activities. In addition, people used to Excel often find themselves restricted in terms of functionality when they use sheets.

Who is MS Excel for?

Microsoft Excel is already a hot favorite in the professional world, and it works best for large companies handling massive amounts of data. Excel is expensive than Google sheets, but prices won’t hurt your pockets if you use its features thoroughly. You can also get in touch with an Excel macro consultant to get the most out of this software.

It can help you increase productivity within your business. In addition, automation of repetitive tasks like specific calculations is also a huge bonus that you get working with it.

If you need to perform complex calculations or create charts for official presentations, investing $110 in this software will be worth considering as Google Sheets does not offer these features as of now.

Who are Google Sheets for?

Google sheets work best for those with modest spreadsheet requirements and get the work done without any expense. Small businesses, startups can use this for recording their employee data or financial information. It will also serve individuals who want to keep track of personal finances or monthly budgets.

Final Takeaway

When you compare both the tools, they come out to be different in some way or the other. But, in the end, MS Excel still stands tall and has more to offer in terms of advanced functionality.

MS Excel also supports plenty of customization. You can do a lot with an Excel spreadsheet and make it feasible enough as per your needs. Moreover, Microsoft Excel has existed for 33 years, so it is still miles ahead of Google Sheets.

To get the most out of it, you can get help from Excel Development Services or hire an Excel Macro Consultant and get more tasks done.

Google Sheets is also a decent tool, but it doesn’t have much to offer when tackling complex data that most businesses need.