How Professional Excel Consulting Can Help Your Business

The main reason your business can benefit from professional Excel consulting is because you’ll be able to utilize the resources you already have. Many businesses today unknowingly throw thousands of dollars away investing in new software management systems that may only operate at its maximum level for five years. Then based on the cost of that software, your financial planners will have to project that cost into the upcoming 5-year plan plus the cost of inflation and other volatile economic patterns that might affect the market costs. This is an expense that can be greatly reduced by simply hiring a professional Microsoft Excel consultant to improve your existing software.

Utilize What You Already Have

Almost every business operation has the Microsoft Suite, and in it Excel spreadsheets. Excel software provides user-friendly calculation formulas that can be presented in graphing tools, pivot tables, and when paired with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), can be a very powerful tool for optimizing any business corporation’s internal processes.

You don’t have to run a large business corporation to benefit from an Excel consultant either. Whether you’re a small to mid-size organization—non or for profit, knowing the potential of your Excel software is the least you can do. Here’s a short list of how professional Excel consulting can help your business:

Reporting Automation

Reporting automation allows you to extract raw data from a multiple worksheets and present it in a final report that’s easy to read. The process is quite simple. The way it works is that Excel developers will write a code that combines a string of functions and presents it in an attractive interface that’s digestible for users to understand according to the company’s tasks, processes, and overall end goal.

Database Programming and Reporting

Database programming can become quite complicated. It’s somewhat similar to how reporting automation extracts data from another worksheet and presents it in a readable formatted table. The difference here is that the information extracted is coming from Microsoft Access database.

In other words, database programming and reporting automates your logs with the help of VBA programming. So with database programming and reporting, you have a longer reach to retrieve the data needed to present the type of reports desired.

Quotation Calculator

A quotation calculator is used in more businesses than you realize.

Some of you might be familiar with the user-side of it in the eCommerce industry. When you’re shopping for an item, it not only calculates the cost for you, but also the shipping cost based on your zip code and taxes based on your state, and if the promo code you enter is valid. In the private sector of the business industry, calculating the final cost of services is typically based on multiple criteria extracted from other information provided in other sheets and databases within your operation. What you have here is a customized automated calculator.

By implementing a quotation calculator that will report customized automated functions, whether it’s from another spreadsheet or database is guaranteed to help your businesses’ workflow.

Customized Functions

At the very least, you can seek Excel consulting services just to streamline your current processes. For repeated strings of functions used on a continual basis, an Excel developer can create one function for it. You may be executing those functions without giving it a second thought and might even consider it a normal practice, no longer realizing the amount of time it takes. Cave men also thought the wheel was a form of streamlining tasks until the steam engine was born! Optimizing your commands into one push of a button can improve your workflow considerably, especially if you’re executing several separate strings of functions.

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