Microsoft CEO promises massive changes

Microsoft has been one of the leading providers of technology solutions for some time. You would be hard pressed to find a company that is not using a PC with Windows or the Microsoft Office suite to handle word documents, spreadsheets and presentations. While the company has been holding strong, increased competition means changes need to happen.

Recently, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella issued a letter to employees that said he and the executives were taking steps to “visibly change our culture.” This will happen through internal changes.

“Nothing is off the table in how we think about shifting our culture to deliver on this core strategy,” Nadella wrote. “Organizations will change. Mergers and acquisitions will occur. Job responsibilities will evolve. New partnerships will be formed. Tired traditions will be questioned. Our priorities will be adjusted. New skills will be built. New ideas will be heard. New hires will be made. Processes will be simplified.”

He added that for employees to thrive at Microsoft and make a bigger impact, teams must add numerous changes to the list that will add enthusiasm. Nadella’s goal is to create a company where “smart, curious, ambitious people” will be able to do the best work possible.

While this is designed to be massive internal change, it should impact the products that are put out. Nadella went so far as to mention wanting to change the time, money and energy that goes into creating when individuals are in a non-nurturing work environment.

Companies that rely on systems like Microsoft Office would be wise to partner with an Excel consultant to help meet any changes that could come.