Microsoft® Excel® 2010: Level 1


1 Day (6.5 instructional hours)

Excel 2010

Course Number: 084676S3

Course Objective: Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to create and edit basic Microsoft Office Excel 2010 worksheets and workbooks.

Target Student: This course is intended for students who wish to gain the necessary skills to create, edit, format, and print basic Microsoft Office Excel 2010 worksheets.

Prerequisites: To ensure success, students will need to be familiar with using personal computers and should have experience with Windows XP Professional: Level 1; Windows XP: Introductions.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Excel

Topic A: Identify the Elements of the Excel Interface
Topic B: Navigate and Select Cells in Worksheets
Topic C: Customize the Excel Interface
Topic D: Create a Basic Worksheet

Lesson 2: Performing Calculations in an Excel Worksheet

Topic A: Create Formulas in a Worksheet
Topic B: Insert Functions in a Worksheet
Topic C: Reuse Formulas

Lesson 3: Modifying an Excel Worksheet

Topic A: Edit Worksheet Data
Topic B: Find and Replace Data
Topic C: Manipulate Worksheet Elements

Lesson 4: Modifying the Appearance of a Worksheet

Topic A: Apply Font Properties
Topic B: Add Borders and Colors to Cells
Topic C: Align Content in a Cell Topic D: Apply Number Formatting Topic E: Apply Cell Styles

Lesson 5: Managing an Excel Workbook

Topic A: Manage Worksheets
Topic B: View Worksheets and Workbooks

Lesson 6: Printing Excel Workbooks

Topic A: Define the Page Layout
Topic B: Print a Workbook