Microsoft Excel Custom Solutions for Creditworthiness & Banking

ESOFTWARE ASSOCIATES INC d/b/a, a custom Microsoft consulting company based in New York City recently launched their latest Excel application, Credit Worthiness Survey System at the Municipal Finance and Creditworthiness Academy seminar in Ankara, Turkey this month.
According to ESOFTWARE’s Executive Director, Russell Kommer, World Bank contracted their services to customize an Excel based, multi-lingual tool to assist in strengthening the financial management of municipalities throughout the world.

The Credit Worthiness Survey System is designed to guide users through a series of questions that result in a customized action plan that’s expected to allow municipals the opportunity to access a broader line of credit. These new resources would then lead to a stronger financial structure that will ultimately have a positive affect in the capital market.
“When city officials return home with their action plans and begin implementing them, improvements are expected,” Kommer said.
The overall success of this new application depends on how well users are going to execute their plans that include the participation and harvesting of multiple resources who are willing to assist in contributing the best practices and methodologies on a global level. Thanks to Brandon Moore, who leads ESOFTWARE’s engineering team, the Credit Worthiness Survey System has the look, feel, and functionality of a web-based program.

The application development was managed by Project Manager, Gloria Tiwari, whom Kommer said has been committed to guiding their engagements to produce a 100% success rate. The Municipal Finance and Creditworthiness Academy seminar’s main objective is to help cities improve their credit; and presenting this new application to policy-makers who may attend such events does this.
The Excel based survey was designed as a back-up tool, which can be used in place of the original web-based Credit Worthiness Survey System located on The World Bank’s website. When The Municipal Finance and Creditworthiness Academy leaders hold seminars at locations around the globe, they cannot always rely on the Internet connectivity necessary for guiding city leaders through the online Credit Worthiness Survey System.

“As anyone who has run a seminar or taught a class knows, technical difficulties can bring a class to a halt,” Kommer said. “Having a reliable Excel backup that doesn’t require an internet connection allows the seminar to continue without a glitch.”

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