Microsoft Excel for iPad gets first update

As we reported last month, Microsoft made a major announcement by finally releasing a version of the Office Business Software Suite for the iPad. It is a series of individual applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Almost immediately it shot to the top of the download charts and became the must-have application suite for business users and consumers alike. While the reviews have been almost universally positive, there was one common thread – this is a good start.

The main criticism has been that while these apps meet all the basic needs for the users, they will need to be updated for a better enterprise experience.

A recent blog post from Microsoft’s Office blog spoke about the first major update for the apps that has just been released. According to the piece, in the month that it has been released, the company has been inundated with feedback from users about which features they would like to see.

The headline of this update is the ability to AirPrint and the incorporation of SmartGuides for PowerPoint.

“Your top request is here! You can now print Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations to an AirPrint printer,” the post reads. “In Word for iPad, you can choose to print a document with or without markup. In Excel, print a selected range, a single worksheet or an entire spreadsheet. Of course, you can select the pages or slides you want to print.”

This is the first update for the popular apps and more are sure to follow which will include even more features that enterprise users are looking for. An enterprise Excel consulting firm can help any organization stay updated.