The Next Big Thing: Mobility for Microsoft Office 2016

Big things are in store for the next version of Microsoft Office 2016. They just recently released their plans to introduce both a new operating system and Universal Office apps for Windows 10. These apps include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote, all of which can be installed and run on PCs, tablets and phones. Here’s a little more info about what you can expect from the new apps and OS.

Universal Apps

The Universal Apps are optimized for touch and mobile and offer a way for you to easily access these programs on the go for the first time. Check out some tablet previews here. They work great on small screens and offer the same experience across all devices, regardless of size. This will make it much easier for independent software developers to integrate with Office apps. The apps will come ready to go on tablets that run Windows 10 and you can find them available for download if you’re running on another device.

Word for Windows 10

You will be able to use Word to create, open and edit documents just as you would on your home computer. You can also share your work and collaborate with others instantly. Because you’ll be on a mobile device, it also lets you access online resources like dictionaries and images right within the app.

Excel and Access for Windows 10

They are still rolling out the new changes in Excel and Access but we’re excited to see what’s in store! If they are anything like the new changes to Word, it will offer a pretty awesome mobile experience. Here you can view the official Excel Preview.

Powerpoint for Windows 10

You’ll be able to create awesome presentations on your mobile device, annotate your slides and share your presentations with colleagues all from your phone or tablet.


OneNote gives you the ability to share notebooks with classmates or colleagues. It offers an easy and consistent experience but lacks the handy recording capability that the Desktop version boasts.

Outlook Mail and Calendar

The mobile app for mail and calendar make it easier than ever to swipe through your emails, insert images, tables and graphics and do pretty much all that you can do on the desktop version right on your phone.

Office Desktop Suite

The Office Desktop Suite, Office 2016, is currently in the works as well. It will remain similar to the existing experience and will work best with a PC keyboard and mouse but will have specific upgrades and improvements that haven’t been released yet. The tentative release for this is sometime in the second half of 2015. It will most likely be designed for use by businesses and will probably cost a bit extra, but they haven’t released this information yet.

Beta Testing

You can sign up to be part of the private Beta testing program if you have an Office 365 subscription. The program lets you install and use the new version, watch webcasts and provide feedback. You can find the information you need and the link to sign up here.

We’ll keep you posted as more news about the launch and concrete dates become available but we’re excited to see how these new Office apps and Windows 10 play out!

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