Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2013

Microsoft® Office OneNote® 2013

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1 Day (6.5 instructional hours)

OneNote 2013

Course Number: 091112

Course Objective:

You will learn to productively use the key components of the Microsoft Office OneNote 2013 application on a desktop, laptop, or Microsoft Windows 8 tablet device, when working in or away from the primary office or study environment.

Target Student:

This course is intended for students, educators, business users, and knowledge workers in a variety of roles and fields who have competence in a desktop-based installation of the 2007 or 2010 edition of the Microsoft Office productivity suite, and who are now incorporating digital note-taking and note collaboration with Microsoft OneNote 2013 into their standard work environment while using a laptop, desktop, tablet or another mobile device.

Course Objective:

To ensure success, we recommend that you have a good understanding of how to use 2007, 2010, or 2013 edition of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. The courses Using Microsoft® Windows® 8 or Microsoft® Windows® 8 Transition from Windows® 7 are recommended or you should have equivalent knowledge of Windows 8.

Course Outline


Lesson 1: Exploring Notebook Structure

Topic A: Navigate the OneNote 2013 Environment
Topic B: Use Predesigned Templates for OneNote Notebooks
Topic C: Customize the User Interface within OneNote


Lesson 2: Add Content and Formats to an OneNote Notebook

Topic A: Modify Formatting in a Notebook
Topic B: Add Audio and Video to a Notebook
Topic C: Add Quick Notes and Links
Topic D: Use Tags, Symbols, Drawing Tools, and Pen Options


Lesson 3: Presenting Data Using Charts

Topic A: Save and Export Content and Use Alternate File Types
Topic B: Manage Notebook Recycle Bins and Backups


Lesson 4: Working with Excel Spreadsheets and Embedded Files

Topic A: Work with Excel Spreadsheets
Topic B: Work with Embedded Files


Lesson 5: Sharing and Collaborating with Notebooks

Topic A: Send a Notebook and Use Outlook Integration
Topic B: Share and Collaborate on Notebooks


Lesson 6: Finalizing a Notebook

Topic A: Finalize a Notebook Using Proofing and Print Settings
Topic B: Configure Notebook Settings, Properties, and Security
Topic C: Organize and Search Notebooks
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