Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2010: Level 2

Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2010: Level 2

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1 Day (6.5 instructional hours)

PowerPoint 2010

Course Number: 084593

Course Objective:

You will enhance your presentation by using features that will transform it into a powerful means of communications. You will customize the PowerPoint interface to suit your requirements and use features to create dynamic and visually appealing presentations. You will then finalize a presentation and secure it to authenticate its validity.

Target Student:

This course is meant for those who will use Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 to prepare presentations and be more productive in their work.

Course Objective:

To ensure success, students will need to be familiar with using or have equivalent knowledge of Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010: Level 1.


Course Outline


Lesson 1: Customizing the PowerPoint Environment

Topic A: Customize the PowerPoint Interface
Topic B: Set Options for Working with PowerPoint


Lesson 2: Customizing a Design Template

Topic A: Set Up a Slide Master
Topic B: Create Custom Slide Layouts
Topic C: Add Footers
Topic D: Modify the Notes Master
Topic E: Modify the Handout Master


Lesson 3: Adding SmartArt Graphics to a Presentation

Topic A: Insert SmartArt Graphics
Topic B: Modify SmartArt Graphics


Lesson 4: Adding Special Effects to a Presentation

Topic A: Add Multimedia Elements
Topic B: Customize Slide Component Animation


Lesson 5: Customizing a Slide Show

Topic A: Set Up a Custom Slide Show
Topic B: Annotate a Presentation
Topic C: Create a Presenter-Independent Slide Show
Topic D: Set Up a Slide Show to Repeat Automatically


Lesson 6: Collaborating on a Presentation

Topic A: Review a Presentation
Topic B: Publish Slides to a Slide Library
Topic C: Restrict Access to a Shared Presentation
Topic D: Share a Presentation Using PowerPoint Web App


Lesson 7: Securing and Distributing a Presentation

Topic A: Broadcast a Presentation
Topic B: Convert a Presentation into a Video
Topic C: Package a Presentation
Topic D: Publish a Presentation to Other File Formats
Topic E: Secure a Presentation

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