Microsoft® OneNote® 2010

Microsoft® OneNote® 2010

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1 Day (6.5 instructional hours)

OneNote 2010

Course Number: 084567

Course Objective:

You will create, edit, organize, and enhance notes and also integrate them with other applications using Microsoft OneNote 2010.

Target Student:

This course is designed for users who take notes and use automated tools to organize and manage the notes. Course Objective: To ensure success, students will need to be familiar with using or have equivalent knowledge of Microsoft

Windows CP Professional :

Level 1, Windows XP Professional: Level 2, Windows 7: Level 1.


Course Outline


Lesson 1: Getting Started with OneNote 2010

Topic A: Explore the OneNote Interface
Topic B: Create a Notebook
Topic C: Customize the OneNote Interface


Lesson 2: Creating Notes

Topic A: Enter Notes
Topic B: Create Template-Based Notes
Topic C: Format Notes
Topic D: Draw Shapes
Topic E: Embed Content


Lesson 3: Organizing and Working with OneNote

Topic A: Organize Notes
Topic B: Add Tags
Topic C: Search Notes
Topic D: Save and Print Notes


Lesson 4: Integrating OneNote with Other Applications

Topic A: Customize the OneNote View
Topic B: Use Outlook with OneNote
Topic C: Use OneNote with Other Office Applications
Topic D: Publish Notes Pages


Lesson 5: Collaborating and Working with Notes

Topic A: Share Notebooks on a Network Location
Topic B: Work with Shared Notebooks

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