Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation 2010: Part 2

Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation 2010: Part 2

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1 Day (6.5 instructional hours)

SharePoint 2010

Course Number: 084697S3

Course Objective:

You will manage site collections and site components as a site collection administrator and as a site administrator.

Target Student:

This course is designed for individual contributors or departmental staff in a variety of job roles, such as administrative assistants, functional or operations managers, with basic SharePoint skills, and who have the resp onsibility for managing SharePoint sites as an enabling technology within their workgroups, not necessarily IT Tech professionals.

Course Objective:

To ensure success, students need to be familiar with using or have equivalent knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010: Level 1.

Course Outline


Lesson 1: Branding a Site Collection

Topic A: Describe the SharePoint Site Hierarchy
Topic B: Create a Custom Look and Feel for a Site Collection Topic C: Create a Custom Site Layout


Lesson 2: Managing Lists

Topic A: Perform Calculations on List Data Topic B: Create Custom Lists
Topic C: Customize List Settings


Lesson 3: Managing Libraries

Topic A: Perform Advanced Operations on a Library Topic B: Create a Library Template


Lesson 4: Managing Form Libraries

Topic A: Create a Form Library
Topic B: Customize a Form Template Using InfoPath


Lesson 5: Managing Content Structures

Topic A: Create a Content Type Topic B: Apply Content Types


Lesson 6: Managing Workflows

Topic A: Add a Default Workflow Topic B: Create a Custom Workflow


Lesson 7: Working with Indexing and Searching

Topic A: Index Content
Topic B: Enable Search Options



Lesson 8: Working Offline Using SharePoint Workspace 2010

Topic A: Synchronize a SharePoint Site on the Local ComputerTopic B: Perform Offline Operations on a SharePointSite


Lesson 9: Managing SharePoint Applications Using Central Administration

Topic A: Create a Site Collection
Topic B: Administer a Site Collections
Topic C: Administer a Web Application


Lesson 10: Managing User Access

Topic A: Manage Permissions
Topic B: Describe Authentication Modes


Lesson 11: Managing Site Security

Topic A: Set Web Part Security
Topic B: Set Antivirus Options
Topic C: Manage Blocked File Types


Lesson 12: Managing Site Usage

Topic A: Set Site Collection Quotas and Locks Topic B: Monitor Site Usage


Lesson 13: Managing Site Maintenance

Topic A: Recover Lost Information Topic B: Perform a Granular Backup Topic C: Restore a Granular Backup Topic D: Perform a Farm Backup Topic E: Restore a Farm Backup

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