Microsoft® Word® 2013: Part 3

Microsoft® Word® 2013: Part 3

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1 Day (6.5 instructional hours)

Word 2013

Course Number: 091026

Course Objective:

Microsoft Word 2013 enables you to do more than simple word processing. It can be used to collaborate on complicated documents and manage how the documents are accessed and distributed. Advanced features of Word 2013 enable you to revise, manage, and secure your business documents.

Target Student:

This course is intended for students who create and work with lengthy documents, collaborate with others on documents, and create forms in Microsoft Word.
Course Objective: To ensure success, students will need to be familiar with using or have equivalent knowledge of Microsoft® Word® 2013: Part 1 & 2.

Course Outline


Lesson 1: Collaborating on Documents

Topic A: Modify User Information
Topic B: Share a Document
Topic C: Compare Document Changes
Topic D: Review a Document
Topic E: Merge Document Changes
Topic F: Review Tracked Changes
Topic G: Coauther Documents


Lesson 2: Adding Reference Marks and Notes

Topic A: Add Captions
Topic B: Add Cross-References
Topic C: Add Bookmarks
Topic D: Add Hyperlinks
Topic E: Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
Topic F: Add Citations and a Bibliography


Lesson 3: Simplifying and Managing Long Documents

Topic A: Insert Blank and Cover Pages
Topic B: Insert an Index
Topic C: Insert a Table of Contents
Topic D: Insert an Ancillary Table
Topic E: Manage Outlines
Topic F: Create a Master Document


Lesson 4: Securing a Document

Topic A: Suppress Information
Topic B: Set Formatting and Editing Restrictions
Topic C: Add a Digital Signature to a Document
Topic D: Restrict Document Access


Lesson 5: Inserting Content Using Quick Parts

Topic A: Create Forms
Topic B: Manipulate Forms

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