More Than Just a New Look

The All New

The all new is much more to us than just a face lift and additional content; it represents our growth and success as a company.  Over recent years, we have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the most successful businesses in the world.  From nuclear plants to oil & gas giants, top software brands, global construction companies all the way down to small businesses.  Our software programming & training expertise is utilized by a wide variety of clientele.

Some of our visible strengths are the assessment of various solutions, aligning our resources appropriately and streamlining execution to produce a flawless product that does exactly what our clients’ need again and again.  Our partial client list and extensive portfolio demonstrate a small portion of what we have completed in the past.  More often than not, we work consistently with an organization throughout multiple departments, developing custom solutions and training their staff.  We are there to support and improve whenever needed. 

I started this company in the depths of the financial world while working full-time in NYC with a vision of building a top consulting firm not too dissimilar to what we have now.  We are fortunate enough to retain astounding staff who consistently deliver our premier service to our renowned clientele.  From all of us at, we look forward to working with your organization, joining us in part of something we truly love.

Russell Kommer

President, eSoftware Associates Inc.