Off Site Excel Consulting in New York

Off Site Excel Consulting in New York

So much can happen in a New York minute, and as a business owner, you don’t have time to waste. In today’s digital age, you can close a sale and make or break the company in a matter of minutes. In New York, everything moves fast, and in a city that is known for never sleeping, time management is key. So when you’re looking to improve your current workflow by hiring an Excel consulting and developing company, it’s best to find one that offers off-site consulting. 

Knowing What You Need Will Save You Money

That is not to say that you don’t need an Excel consultant to come to your place of business. In fact, we encourage it. However, we also realize how precious time can be while operating a New York based business. It’s important that you team up with an Excel developing company that is organized and not simply making things up as they go along. This kind of disorganization can lead to wasted time spent and more money coming out of your company’s bank account., a software developing company based in New York understands what it means to operate a business in this city. That is one of the reasons why we offer off-site Microsoft Excel consulting services. Off-site services can save your company time and money, not requiring you or your staff to leave the workplace. You’re team is able to get consultation services in the comfort of your own work environment. 

It just makes sense!

Training Microsoft Excel Off-Site vs. On-Site

On-site training is good too! We pride ourselves on training Microsoft Excel on-site, because in order to learn a company’s workflow process, we have to employ ourselves as if we’re actually working as one of our client’s employees. That type of thinking takes a thorough assessment that oftentimes only a personal approach can make. Yet, there’s also circumstances that require the personal approach, but may take only 30 minutes to an hour. In situations like that, doesn’t really recommend spending your expenses on off-site consulting—not in New York, at least. 

Perhaps in the Midwest, you have more time to commute as the distance might not be as long, or the traffic doesn’t take much time as it would in New York. At any rate, the type of consulting services you want will ultimately affect your time and your pocketbook. So, it’s best to keep that in mind. 

On-Site or Off-Site. The Decision is Ultimately Yours

While will guide you and recommend whether or not a certain meeting will be better benefited from an off-site or on-site consultation, the decision is up to you. While on-site training will give you the “classroom” experience, our off-site training can still provide you with the personal attention you desire thanks to technology like webinars and video conference calls. 

Here are 4 ways you can determine if your company will be better suited for off-site Microsoft Excel consultation with

  1. Conduct a meeting with your department heads to communicate what processes are working and what isn’t.
  2. Prepare for your virtual meeting by composing a list of questions for us to answer.
  3. A day before the meeting, send any relevant documents to us via email. If you have to, scan and convert them to a PDF.
  4. Be sure to test your communication hardware and software to make sure it will work when it’s time to conduct the meeting. Many businesses waste precious time troubleshooting communication issues during a meeting. 

This Is How Does It

It may be necessary for some meetings to be conducted on-site, but others may not be so intense. In that case, an off-site consultation can take care of everything. Either way, will make it our business to discover what type of problems your business is having and fix it. We do this by examining your applicable data while taking into consideration what kind of software and hardware you’re currently using, and making it better by implementing a customized web-based Excel spreadsheet that will improve your existing workflow. 

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