Office for iPad surpasses 27 million downloads

This blog has covered the release of Microsoft Office for iPad since its release at the end of March. The Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps skyrocketed to the top of the Apple App store (both free and top grossing lists), have all received favorable reviews and even had their first major update.

By all accounts, these apps have satisfied the demand from consumers and businesses alike. During her keynote address on Monday at the TechEd North American 2014 conference, Microsoft’s General Manager for Office Julia White told the crowd that the new iOS business suite has been downloaded 27 million times in the six weeks.

The last time download figures were released was on April 3, when the company tweeted that it has surpassed 12 million downloads. That means that in the course of a month, the download figures have doubled, signifying significant growth. Though there is some question as to how long this will last.

“While the download number is impressive, it must be bittersweet for Microsoft because it speaks to the popularity of the iPad,” a ZDNet article about the conference read. “It remains to be seen if the Office for iPad download numbers will level out after the initial hype dies down and the pent-up demand is satisfied, but I’m pretty sure that Microsoft will enjoy another few months of growth.”

Office for iPad has been sought by consumers from the moment that the tablet was released in 2010. Now, businesses are looking for new ways to take advantage of these programs. For this, a solution provider that can help with Excel functions can become a valuable resource.