Paperless Construction Company Whitepaper

 Go Paperless!



  • Go Paperless and Create Massive Cost Savings
  • Increase Overall Business Efficiency
  • Reduce Staffing Costs & Increase Accuracy
  • Centralize your Data


Discover how going paperless can increase your business efficiency today!

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Custom solutions tailored for efficiency.


Our applications are not a one-size-fits-all. We can create custom paperless solution that fits your needs, no matter the size of your business.

Streamline your business.


We create custom software that reduces the time your team spends scanning field reports and increases productivity on what matters.

Eliminate cost and error.


Our custom software is built to minimize your office supplies cost and the possibility for errors to occur. As a result of our software, your revenues and customer satisfaction will be maximized.

Some of Our Clients Include

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What Do They Say About Automating Their Business?


Lisa Baird

They really listened to the issues I was having and instead of just giving what I thought I wanted, they gave me what I really needed. I now have an order processing program that I can modify now and will grow with me in the future. They’re responsiveness and customer service is the best. When I had a question or problem, never did more than two hours go by before I received a phone call or email back. I would recommend them highly.


Charlene Farber

We happen to run across ESW and it has been nothing but greatness since then. We anticipate a long business partnership with ESW and look forward to working with them. I have been nothing but impressed with your firms services, your team members tenacity and the overall results. Sometimes you have to travel a bumpy road trying different firms until you find the one that fits. 

Download our whitepaper and learn how ESW Paperless Solutions can help your company. is an eSoftware Associates Inc company.