Principals of the ExcelHelp Team

At we hold our staff to a higher level of Commitment.  Our members operate under these principles:

1. Integrity: We do what we say we will.

2. Excellence: We deliver the best content, training, and solutions for the continued success of our clients.

3. Product Knowledge: We pride ourselves in knowing that our consultants have the most knowledge in the market of Microsoft solutions to assist in your needs. This is provided through constant training for our team.

4. Efficient: We find the quickest and most thorough solution to implement your training.

5. Responsible: We hold ourselves accountable for your learning and take away.  We customize our approach to your learning needs.

6. Knowledge Hungry: Our consultants are hungry for new information to implement and pass on to clients.

7. Customer Focused: Our client is the focal point of our operation.  All aspects of our approach are guided to a successful solution and integration with the needs of our client.

8. Flexible: We are nimble to ensure we are able to deliver solutions whenever and wherever necessary.

9. Eager to Assist: We wish to provide the highest caliber of service, assistance, and knowledge in the industry with the greatest attention to detail.

10. Punctual: We provide solutions for our clients that are ahead of their time.  We anticipate their needs, not react to them.