Backlink Clean Up Services

Backlink Genie is a tool developed by that assists in removing unwanted backlinks commonly associated with unnatural link penalties such as Penguin.

Did your website get hit with a Google Penguin penalty due to unnatural and spammy backlinks?  Those same links that helped build your brand and earn traffic from search engines now have to be pruned, removed and cleaned up to lift the penalty and regain the precious traffic your website lost. Managing backlink removal takes up way too much time and link removal services can get costly quick, often lacking the necessary level of control over the process. Fortunately, the Backlink Genie™ is at your beck and call to grant you the link clean up service that you desire.

Backlink Genie™ completely automates the process of finding and managing backlinks and associated contacts, while giving you complete control over the separation of good from bad. Designed for digital marketing agencies and in-house marketers alike, Backlink Genie’s™ robust features provides the tools for efficient human assessment of backlink quality and fully automate the tasks of backlink organization, generation, correspondence tracking, and reporting. 

Because of its’ automated features, you’ll be able to perform the link removal process with the highest level of accuracy saving days and even weeks by using Backlink Genie™.

Backlink Genie™ is the link removal tool that gets you back on top right where you deserve to be.

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Who needs Backlink Genie?

  Companies that want to evaluate backlinks to their website

  Companies with websites hit by Google’s Penguin algorithm

  Companies that practiced aggressive Search Engine Optimization in the past and want to preventatively remove backlinks

  Marketing Agencies assisting clients with backlink management and removal

  Individuals looking to remove links with an automated system that gives supreme control over the process


Creates a Backlink List

 Gathers Backlinks

 Creates one master list of unique backlinks

Creates Contact List

 Finds contact information associated with each URL

 Eliminates duplicate contacts

Tracks Correspondence

 E-mail template allows user to customize email correspondence

 All backlinks associated with a contact are automatically included in emails to that contact

 Draft Emails can be view prior to sending

 Emails can be sent via Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo or Gmail

 Tracks correspondence history

Generates Reports

 Generates reports for Google’s Disavow Links Tool

Creates Printable Dashboard with correspondence summary and link status


Licenses are available on a per domain basis. The application is designed for managing backlinks to a single website domain and additional copies of the application can be licensed upon request. Call or email for more information

Application Customization:

Additional customization available – contact at 800-682-0882 or email now

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