Reduce IT Solution Costs by Asking the Right Questions

“You guys are the best solutions provider I’ve ever encountered. The sheet you developed for us has literally been a game changer.”

– NYC Private Equity Firm

At eSoftware, we want to ensure you are doing the most to streamline your operations and consolidate data so you can go home early. That’s why we ask all the right questions up front in order to efficiently and effectively diagnose your process and provide the appropriate recommendations.

What Technology Should I be Using?

Picking the right technology stack can be quite overwhelming when it comes to developing the most streamlined, cost-effective and scalable custom solution for your business. There are a myriad of questions that are relevant when talking about this topic which include:

  • Is the application going to be “rinse and reuse”, or will the data be cataloged on a going-forward basis?
  • Where are the end users located?
  • What versions of software are currently in use?
  • Do you have an existing database, application or platform-related process that can be leveraged?
  • Is this expected to be a long-term or short-term solution?
  • Who will be the administrator of the application?
    and many more…

When clients simply jump into developing a solution without without answering questions like these, they tend to get themselves stuck in a corner. It’s imperative to fully understand all variables in your own equation before beginning to develop a custom solution.

Getting it right the first time

A little extra prep can go a long way. Understanding all functional requirements before commencing a custom solution project will get you to the finish line faster, more efficiently and at a reduced cost. Furthermore, this allows our team to provide concise recommendations in the beginning as opposed to back tracking if additional features or functions are added during the project. We want the process to feel easy and comfortable, so you can operate with a sound mind and realistic expectations.

Looking at Your Long-Term Investment

Once you invest in improving your existing software system, you will see a substantial return on your investment, as it will save you time, money, and resources. At eSoftware, we primarily leverage a Microsoft stack, which tend to be applications you likely already posses, saving thousands of dollars that would have been spent purchasing a new rigid out-of-the-box system or platform. Our talented team will greatly reduce the amount time spent on reoccurring tasks and costly mistakes that can unexpectedly occur.

Technologies we Service

Microsoft Excel, Access, Office, SQL, SharePoint, .Net, Azure, Power BI, MySQL, Oracle, SAP and a number of others including Quickbooks Integration and other 3rd party products.

Want to discuss options to improve your processes?

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