Save Time and Improve Efficiency with an Excel Help Custom Solution

Save Time and Improve Efficiency with an Excel Help Custom Solution

Excel spreadsheets are supposed to increase efficiency and for the average user, they most certainly make life easier. However, over time your application may not behave efficiently. So why does your workbook have a slow performance?


Well, it’s safe to assume that if you knew the answer to that question, you wouldn’t be reading this. But don’t worry. We’ve got the answer you need to solve your spreadsheet’s performance. 

Nothing can drive one crazier than a slow-working spreadsheet. After all, the entire purpose of having one is so that you can work faster. It’s enough to make the stress levels go up a couple of notches. But here’s what might be causing the problem: 

  • Your files might be too large.
    Files equal data and data equals memory. Every time you use your spreadsheet, the computer has to calculate all of that memory. Think of it this way: Try to remember what you were wearing on your first day of 6th grade. Ask a New York Giants fan about how they feel about the Philadelphia Eagles. Better yet, ask a fantasy football player about his or her team. Don’t worry we’ll wait…and wait…and wait! That’s a lot of information to process and it takes time to process it all—time you don’t have if you’re trying to make money.
  • Your formulas aren’t positioned correctly.
    It’s important to remember that your Excel spreadsheet is a computer application and computers are designed to process information in a certain way—from left to right. So if you want your spreadsheet formulas to run a little faster, perhaps you need to reassess how and where the formulas are placed. If you have a chain of formulas that are not in left-right formation, you’re causing the computer to work a little harder to process that information.
  • You have more spreadsheets and/or workbooks than necessary.
    This is something that might occur as your company grows. As you get more business, sometimes the easier thing to do at the time is to create a brand new spreadsheet or workbook and connect it with the existing ones. While that might work, what you’ll have is a bunch of unnecessary Excel files that your computer will have to take the time to read through. And that’s just as bad as having files that are too large!
  • You have unwanted data.
    This kind of issue comes along with a growing business. So the good news is that your business is growing. The bad news is so is your database! But if you’re a cyber junkie and afraid that you might delete the wrong thing—and you might, then the safest thing to do is just leave it, right?

    Well, not exactly…

Get Help. Excel Help

This is where you just need to get someone who knows what they’re doing to manage things properly, and not the employee who listens to everyone’s personal problems either! We’re talking about a professional—a seasoned Microsoft Excel Developer who can streamline your internal processes by getting rid of data that you don’t need, compress any oversized files, and recompose your existing formulas so that your computer quickly processes it. 

You’ll be surprised at what a customized Excel solution can do for your business. Implementing something this simple will render you such results that you never knew an Excel application could achieve. 

Trimming the Fat

If you want to save time and improve your workplace efficiency, then get rid of what you don’t need. Contact an Excel developer to assist you with this process and while you’re at it, see what you can do about getting a custom Excel solution that can streamline all of those workbooks together.

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