The Latest Excel Updates for Summer 2020

Workbook Statistics

At last! A feature that’s been long-asked for, Workbook Statistics is finally available. With this new option, you can have an instant snapshot of the elements your workbook contains.

In terms of the worksheet you’re currently working on, you can now see in which cell your worksheet ends, how many cells have data, how many tables and formulas you have applied.

For the whole Workbook, you can also look at the number of sheets, as well as the cells with data, tables, and formulas across all sheets belonging to that workbook.

Excel for MacOS updates

If you’re a Mac Excel user, not only will you have the new Statistics option, you can also look forward to new features already available on the Windows side, such as…

Automatically use new data types

You can now automatically use stocks and geographic data, if you’re on a Mac. This feature was rolled out previously for Windows users, and has made its way to Apple Computers. We’ve covered it in a previous article (it’s point #7) if you’re interested in knowing more! For a more in-depth look, there’s always Microsoft’s page on the subject.

Tell Me feature

Tell me is a text field where you can type what you want to do. On Windows, it’s on top of the window. It’s now also on MacOS, and all you have to do is click on the lamp icon next to the View tab. Type what you’d like, and watch as Office gives you the answer!

Updated Print Settings

Setting up print orientation no longer has to be done on a separate window, prior to printing. With this new addition, you can set print mode right in your Workbook! Just go to Page Layout, click on the orientation icon, select the mode you’d like it to print in, and you’re set.

Want updates earlier?

All you have to do is sign up to be an Office Insider, and you’ll get to test these out before they’re rolled out to the general public.