Unified Get & Transform Experience in Excel

Excel 2016 has released a powerful set of convenient tools referred to as “Get & Transform.” Utilizing technology from Power Query, users can readily connect, shape and combine data from different sources. The update will change the ribbon layout for fast access to the available Get & Transform tools. This upgrade is available as part of the Office 365 subscription.

With these updates, users will have new transformation features to extract data values from nested lists in an easy to use column. They will also have improved data connectivity through the enhanced SQL server connector, which can be accessed from “Advanced Options.”

The End of Reformatting Macros

Get & Transform is a welcome addition and help for anyone who has ever had to reformat their macros. Excel 2016 will now include built-in functionality that improves a user’s speed when accessing and transforming their data, as they can now bring all of their data into one convenient place. The Get & Transform query will serve as a timesaving alternative to VBA macros.

In the past, these capabilities were only available as add-ins when utilizing Power Query. Users would export data and save it into a CSV file, which would then be prepared for use in a separate system, PivotTable, or for future use in a formula-based report. The data had to be cleaned up, columns removed, headers changed and so forth. A task like that could be automated with VBA macros, but if there was a change, it could then break the necessary macro. With the Get & Transform Query, users don’t have to build VBA macros and modifications are easier than ever.

Modernized Data Import and Shaping Experience

With the new and modernized Get & Transform experience, users will have fast access to a modern set of shaping capabilities and data import features found in Excel. It will be easy to access data from databases, files, online services and so forth. Data can be combined and shaped in very powerful ways through sorting, splitting columns, changing data types, aggregating data and more. Get & Transform is an invaluable tool that will be a time saver.

Import Data From Online, CSV Files and More

Utilizing Get & Transform, data can be imported from top connectors like CSV files, text files, Excel tables or online. Just look on the ribbon for the Data section located on the Data tab. Microsoft recommends that users utilize the convenient drop-down menu, which allows access to Excel workbooks, XML files, folders, Oracle or SQL Server databases, and online services such as Salesforce, SharePoint, ODBC or OData.

Shape and Clean Data

To assist with data analysis, Get & Transform allows users to shape and clean data, remove filter rows, columns and replace values by utilizing the Query Editor that displays data transformations.

How Excel Help Assists With Get & Transform

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