Why do Clients Choose Us?

We Want You to Succeed – Training Partner

We recognize training is critical to an individual and to an organization’s success.  Today, business is fast moving, competitive, and demands a highly skilled workforce. Our training is designed to support you in achieving custom training goals and by partnering together, develop learning programs that truly fit your needs.

Why Training Fails

Training, the transfer of knowledge and skills, fails learners because the training was…

  • Not Useful
  • Not Relevant
  • Unable to Solve a Problem

Even when training is viewed as successful and delivered professionally, the long term benefits of the training fail because of…

  • Lack of Reinforcement
  • Lack of Follow-up

We Want You to Learn the Right Content – Custom Content

To ensure training is relevant, we provide our curriculum outlines and then partner with you to structure the content.

We Provide Excellent Trainers

Delivering quality training takes a qualified, experienced trainer and course content that is relevant to the students. All of our trainers have passed internal testing of the training product and course curriculum and have trained for a minimum of 7 years. If a trainer is not certified in the product, they are working to attain the certification. At all levels, we only provide a true trainer with practical knowledge of the subject.

We Deliver Interactive Training

Excel is a software program and it is critical learners interact with the program either during the training (hands-on) or immediately following a demonstration (post exercises). Like most software learning, you learn by “doing”. In any training format, we strive to ensure the students practice the product.

We Want to Meet You

Live training provides the most interaction between trainer and student and typically increases the retention of training. A trainer can better understand the student’s needs and tailor the training to resolve questions and problems. If at all possible, we encourage this type of training with hands-on practice.

We Train You When and Where You Need Us 

When you need to learn now, in a shorter time frame, or onsite training just isn’t an option, we can customize web training for individuals to groups of users. As always, we strive to be interactive with learners so we incorporate the ability to have students practice in the session as needed. Interaction is only limited due to the amount of content or to time constraints.

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