Why Excel Development Companies Outperform Freelancers

When you are looking to upgrade your software management system, the last thing you want to do is to consider costs over quality. Remember, in most things, you get what you pay for. So if you’re going to splurge on a sound business investment, then expect to pay a decent amount of money. This is the reality that most business owners try to avoid. So they may hire a less expensive freelancer first, only to eventually hire an Excel development company to correct issues and make improvements, ultimately paying more money than originally intended.

Here’s why:

Of course, it makes perfect sense to save as much money as possible when embarking on any expense—that’s what companies do! It plays an intricate part on whether they’re successful or not. However, always looking for the less expensive option, such as hiring a cheap development programmer, may cause more harm than good.

The Truth…

If you want to save costs on program development, hiring a freelance developer is often the cheapest option. However, hiring a freelancer comes with some risks. First of all, you’ll most likely be consulting with one developer. When you’re considering implementing a new and improved software management system, a project of this scope will require more than one developer. This means that the freelancer you hire will most likely outsource a great deal of the work that’s needed.

Your Business is Literally Out There!

What this means for you is that your company information will be in the hands of people you don’t know and didn’t hire.

Freelancers run their businesses independently. There’s usually no company policy put into place. So when they outsource work, chances are that they are giving their work to other freelancers they know who are even less expensive than they are. Remember, they have to do this in order to make a profit.

It’s also worth stating again that you get what you pay for.

What to Expect When Hiring an Excel Development Company

When you choose to hire an Excel development company, expect to pay more than you would for a freelancer because frankly, you’re going to get more. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a good company that offers fair and affordable rates.

The Good Company with Fair and Affordable Rates

ExcelHelp.com is a software development company based in New York that specializes in building custom management software that fits your company’s specific needs. ExcelHelp.com employs a team of talented and experienced program developers who have extensive knowledge in web-development and systems architecture. Our developers have a proven history of building complex systems for small businesses and large corporations. 

Policies are in Place!

As a company, our development team adheres to the policy of keeping all of the project information strictly confidential. ExcelHelp.com willingly signs a non-disclosure agreement ensuring all of our clients that we treat your business like our own. The protection of your intellectual property and personal information is our top priority. We also offer a Bug Free Guarantee. 

What We Do

Our development team specializes in Microsoft Excel, Access, and MS SQL. Through these tools, we are able to develop custom web applications that will increase the efficiency of your current workflow. This will inevitably save your company money and make your business scalable enough to take on more work without compromising productivity along the way due.

ExcelHelp.com eliminates all of the hard work simply by using the software you already have—Microsoft Excel! We can work with you on-site or remotely. To learn more about how we can help you increase your software efficiency, schedule a free consultation with us today at 800-682-0882 or submit your inquires online.