Why Pair Your Excel Charts with Custom VBA Solutions

Remember when you opened a large Excel file and in the time you waited for the file to open, you realized you could have taken a long lunch break?

Remember that time your boss asked you to create yet another chart that looks exactly like the three-hundred you already have in your Excel file?

Remember when you spent more time looking for a chart in your Excel file than you did actually looking at it?

Remember that time you dropkicked your computer monitor upon realizing you have to manually update the dates on that Excel chart yet again?

Worry no more. By pairing your excel charts with custom VBA solutions, you can spend less time on those mind-numbing tasks and more time watching the latest and greatest cat videos on the internet.

What Are Some VBA Solutions and How Do They Help?

A User Interface to Update Your Chart Parameters

The process of clicking on each chart element, manually modifying the minimum and maximum bounds, setting axis intervals, and changing axis units is onerous.

What if you had a user interface to easily handle those chart modifications?

And what if that user interface was displayed right next to the chart, allowing you to instantaneously see all the parameters and the effects of any modifications? A custom VBA solution connecting this user interface to your chart makes this all possible.

A User Interface to Select What Data to Display

An Excel file with dozens of similar-looking charts strewn across dozens of similar-looking tabs can be difficult to navigate. Conversely, an Excel file with one chart that requires manual modifications isn’t practical or time-efficient when attempting to quickly visualize more than one data series.

Wouldn’t your desired work-life balance be more attainable if you could simply use checkboxes to decide what data to display on a chart?

Or what if you could select what data set to display by using a dropdown menu that automatically populates based on the information in your Excel file? This is all achievable when pairing a custom VBA solution with your Excel charts.

A User Interface to Change the Color Scheme of Your Chart

You wouldn’t get paid the big bucks if it was easy to successfully mouse-click on an obscure data series on your Excel chart. You also wouldn’t get carpal tunnel syndrome if you could somehow avoid mouse-clicking three thousand times to get the colors on all your Excel charts just right. What if you had a user interface that allowed you to easily select the colors you’d like to use on your charts? And what if this one user interface allowed you to modify the color scheme for multiple charts within your Excel file? Well, a custom VBA solution set up with global inputs that leverages native Excel tools can make those dreams a reality.

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Pairing your Excel charts with custom VBA solutions can ensure you and your files are operating as efficiently as possible. No longer do you have to spend countless hours navigating through all those tabs, cells, and mouse-clicks to create and share the visualizations you desire. Contact our team to schedule a free consultation by calling 1-800-682-0882 or visit our website at ExcelHelp.com to submit an inquiry online. After all, those latest and greatest cat videos are waiting.