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Excel & Office Support for Mid to Large Organizations

Expert Support for Excel Spreadsheets & Office Applications

Most organizations do not have the bandwidth to internally support the hundreds and sometimes thousands of custom spreadsheets and applications built over years. It can be frustrating for users when their mission critical workbooks fail or when they have to wait days, weeks and sometimes months to have IT attempt to fix what is broken. Our company provides fast support when your business needs it most.

Recent Support Requests:

  • File bloat
  • Excel crashes
  • Formula Fixes
  • Import Routine Tweaks
  • VBA Error Remediation
  • Access Database Updates
  • Report Automation
  • Data Import Updates
  • Charting & Graphing

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    On-Demand Support

    We can provide fast turn-around depending on your needs, from 50 to 15,000 staff. We have the capacity to take care of all of your MS Excel & Office solution needs.

    35 ExcelHelp_portfolio-ITelligence

    35 ExcelHelp_portfolio-ITelligence

    The ESW Portal

    Our support portal is leveraged by many corporations on an on-going basis in order to get connect their staff with the experts that can help.

    Review, Prioritize & Implement

    Our Excel & Office engineers will review in real-time, prioritize and implement a variety of solutions for spreadsheet errors, VBA fixes, rewrites and many other issues whether it is in the form of Excel workbooks, text files, XML or sitting in various Access, SQL or other databases.

    How Professional Excel Consulting Can Help Your Business

    Bug Free Guarantee

    We want you to feel confident that you’ve chosen the right company with whom to work. That’s why we have a Bug-Free Guarantee on all of our project work. We offer a thirty-day warranty on the deliverables listed in the Statement of Work that we both sign before the job begins.

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    Fill out our contact form or call us right now at to find out more about our support services. Whether you need Excel related support or other Office and database help, our team will save you time and money.

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