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A Few Client Reviews

I’d like to express my gratitude for the help and cooperation we’ve received from your entire organization during the development of our Modeling Utility. We’re in the early stages of customer engagement using the modeling tool and the initial feedback has been extremely positive. Over the past several weeks we’ve engaged key customers worldwide that have the potential to influence strategic direction and the evolution of their architecture. We have confidence that this effort will add significant capability and value to the overall success of the program. Thanks again for your help and dedication to the continued development of this product.

Marty M.

Business Development Manager
Network Architecture and Strategy
Cisco Systems

We were stuck with our forms, tried every different program we could find on the internet to try and make them user friendly. We happen to run across ExcelHelp and it has been nothing but greatness since then. They listen to what we wanted, gave us what we asked for. They are expeditious in their turnaround time and they weren’t happy until we were happy. We anticipate a long business partnership with ExcelHelp and look forward to working with them. I have been nothing but impressed with your firms services, your team members tenacity and the overall results. Sometimes you have to travel a bumpy road trying different firms until you find the one that fits.

Charlene Faber

Chief Operation Officer, Current Builders

My team is responsible for maintaining a spreadsheet containing 13 separate tabs – each tab containing between 90 and 150 rows and over columns. Not only was the maintenance a nightmare – but the people using the tool were completely on their own in trying to compare content from one tab to the next. Enter ExcelHelp. Our new tool has reduced the spreadsheet to one tab containing all of the data and a tab allowing the user to create custom reports. I could not be happier. My team is happy with an easy to maintain tool – my users are happy with a tool that allows them to spend their time using the content rather than trying pull all of the pieces together. I will never look any further than ExcelHelp when I need a complex spreadsheet application simplified and improved.

Lance Stevens

Manager World-Wide Thin Client Alliances, Hewlett-Packard

ExcelHelp – Developed, simplified and automated several key monthly reports that previously had been labor-intensive and inefficient processes relating to software usage and capabilities were not being used. ExcelHelp saved Constellation Energy Project Controls Group countless hours of updating and hand inputting information, validation errors, and formula checks. Allowing more time spent analyzing project data and taking corrective actions as needed. ExcelHelp has been extremely easy to work with and has aided / suggested process improvements in order to meet our specific reporting needs. “I am very pleased with the relationship our organization has built with ExcelHelp and have found their entire team to be friendly, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable.” Anyone who is thinking of a big balloted software implementation that takes months or even years to implement needs to look into ExcelHelp.

Kurt Voytell

Project Controls Manager, Constellation Energy Nuclear Group

They did a great job – exactly what I was looking for, at a reasonable price. The excel tool is saving me hours every month – a great ROI !

Andrew Juilland


I would again like to take this opportunity to let you know how much we enjoyed working with [ExcelHelp] on this project. He is a relentless perfectionist which is evidenced by the beautiful database he delivered. He was very easy to communicate with and was available to us whenever we needed him. Exceptional customer service is what every successful company lives by but very few can deliver. [ExcelHelp] went above and beyond to make sure our needs were taken care of every step of the way. He even worked from his car one night when a storm knocked out his electricity! Now that’s what I call exceptional customer service. Congrats! Thanks again for taking such good care of us. You have delivered an exceptional product by an exceptional employee.

Candy D.

Director, Financial Services Firm

Easy to contact, great to work with! My project manager continued to listen to my needs and did not stop working until I was completely satisfied with the work. They came up with a great solution to our needs. Thanks!

Paul Burton

Business Owner

We had a critical production excel form that had been updated thousands of time since creation in 2001. I tried everything suggested by Microsoft to repair the file when it became highly unstable and even tried an on-line repair tool neither of which worked. Found and decided to give them a try. They communicated to me several times via email and by phone. My document was returned to me the following day repaired. Very happy with the results and I will use them again when needed. Recommended!

Fred May

Customer Service Manager, Desktop Publisher

From Microsoft Excel solutions to iPad app development, ExcelHelp has proved to be a very reliable and dedicated partner. They recently helped us role out a polished sales application on the iPad which is distributed globally and in multiple languages and currencies. During development and post production, their responsiveness and dedication to us has been second to none. We look forward to a longstanding relationship with the firm.

Charles DeWitt

Charles DeWitt, Vice President

Thanks again. Everything worked great, all of the spreadsheet work you did for me was wonderful. You’ve saved me a TON of work! I was able to FINALLY get open my site for business tonight. Your services have been wonderful.



It works beautifully. Thank you so much. I’m going to send you a couple more spreadsheets later this week… Again, thank you so much.

Connie Mace


Excellent Service, very price competitive and good communication. Saved me a lot of heartache! Seamus

Seamus Travers

Reporting Analyst

Thanks for your all help. I wish I would have found you five years ago.



It’s crazy… The application is amazing! It saved 16 hours in two weeks, drafting only two products!

Goldman Sachs Operations

New York, NY

They really listened to the issues I was having and instead of just giving what I thought I wanted, they gave me what I really needed. I now have an order processing program that I can modify now and will grow with me in the future. They’re responsiveness and customer service is the best. When I had a question or problem, never did more than two hours go by before I received a phone call or email back. I would recommend them highly.

Lisa Baird

Califoria answered my inquiry almost immediately. The team worked closely with me to understand the need of my company and then delivered a solution that surpassed my expectations. Anyone looking for a timely solution that is tailored to your needs should consider

Michael Villagran

By the way, Tom has been FANTASTIC! [Director] is extremely happy with the tool Tom created for us which involved a great deal of work on his part. Tom also hosted a WebEx this morning to help us roll out the new reporting tool to some of our International Directors. I just wanted to let you know that he provided us exactly what we wanted and was available any time we needed him. Including any day of the weekend or a holiday if required! He also did a fabulous job of tolerating our repeating questions about the same thing………..over, and over, and over!:> Overall it has been a great experience for us and I hope for him as well. It’s like traveling in a country you are not familiar with and don’t speak the same language. Sometimes you just have to trust people. Going to the internet to find help with what felt like a daunting project (and finding ExcelHelp) was a reminder that sometimes you just have to have faith and trust that people are good and represent themselves for who they really are.


Your customer service is outstanding. I appreciate the patience and time that puts forth in the services that they provide and striving for perfection to make our jobs easier. Tom, outstanding work!!! Thank you.

Abram Potter

Falcon Steel

Erik accomplished my complex task in short order, on budget and in minimal time. A truly professional job.

Al Peterlin

I’ve been using work arounds to resolve database issuses for years. One email to has saved dozens of hours time and more in the future. Well done!

Chris Stevens

Corporate Tax Refunds

I just used it for the month of January and it works great. I am very pleased and it was worth every penny. I hope we get to work together again sometime. I will surely contact you if something comes up.

Gaenel W

Controller/Personell Manager

I was very pleased with the service and the work you did. I was surprised when I received a call back from someone within 10 minutes of me leaving the initial contact message.

Bob D


I’d just like to thank you for providing me with this Excel document. It’s absolutely spot-on and the added color is very attractive. You guys steer a tight ship over there! Keep it up. Much appreciated, Jon

Jon P

Merrill Lynch, Financial Advisor

I had a complicated Excel spreadsheet that needed formatting/formulas/etc. I called the Microsoft Help Desk and they said the problem was too complicated for them to help me. So I found your company through a Google search. I sent an email with my URGENT request. Within minutes I had someone from your company send me an email saying they had received my request and would have someone call me. Within another 11 minutes I got a direct call from one of your consultants, Tom. We discussed the problems, he said it would take approximately 1 hour to complete. He emailed me the PayPal form. I made my payment and Tom was working! He did my form for me PERFECTLY in the time he stated he would. I have never been so happy to have this task off my plate. I even called Tom afterwards and he offered to teach me how to do the same tasks. It was so complicated that I couldn’t even pick it up with him giving me instructions and showing me exactly what he had done. So I think you guys did a GREAT job. I would definitely use this company again in a heartbeat. I am a VERY satisfied customer!!!!

Laura Lockwood

The work was great and very quick, I would recommend it to my colleagues. I will most probably use your services again later this summer.

Steven V.

Purchasing Manager

Tom was a pleasure to work with. Responsive, intelligent, articulate and exceeded all expectations. I look forward to referring him often.

Jen Callan

The service provided was very helpful. Should i require assistance with Excel in the future, I will refer to you again

Christine Clark

[ExcelHelp] responded very quickly to my inquiry about their services. They knew exactly how to solve my problem and were articulate with their explanations. Working with them was a very pleasant experience and I absolutely will call again the next time I need help. – Connie

Connie L


They did a super job. Picked up everything we needed and got it done quickly. They are friendly and easy to work with. Jack

Jack Heim


All team members were excellent to deal with. Top notch skills and customer service. I would recommend them to any one needing database consulting.

Matthew Welden

Security Manager – Macerich Company just saved my life! … I don’t know how to thank them enough. Fast, knowledgeable and affordable . . . they are the perfect resource.

Ben Swartz

I had spent a number of hours manually figuring inventory processes and decided to have ExcelHelp look to see if they can automate the process. I contacted them via their website, within a few hours I was called and they reviewed my project and then a short time later received a formal estimate that was far less than what I anticipated. I accepted the estimate and within a few more hours I had a finished project. My experience with Excelhelp has been far beyond my expectations, very professional, very cost competitive. What used to take me hours of manual labor now takes less than a few minutes. THANK YOU Excelhelp for the quick, and professional service!

Kevin Jones

I can not recommend ExcelHelp more highly. We had been struggling to complete a critical project and finding them was a lifesaver. Tom was knowledgable, professional, personable, patient and responsive. Look no further for your database programming needs. Thanks Tom and!

Randy Hartnell


Many thanks for all of your support to this point. The presentation I made this week was a smashing success! I’ll be in touch as I need additional help. Well done!

Mark S


It looks and works fantastic. You did a superb job. I’m accepting your deliverable as 100% complete. Thank you both for a fantastic engagement experience.

Michael D

V.P. GovCon Consulting Services

Tom with is a true professional in times when it seems tougher to find them. He listened to every word of my explanation of what I needed my program to do before chiming in like most do. He wrote a macro in no time to achieve something that was time consuming for us here at the office. He even repaired some of the functionality of my original program to make the changes he incorporated work properly. The long and short of it is… ExcelHelp is worth every single penny you will pay. Fast, professional and someone you can trust to make it right and make it work. Thank you ExcelHelp!! Ken H.

Ken Heidbreder

I had years of data stored in Excel but it was basically useless because I had no easy way to access it. Thanks to the great work of ExcelHelp I can now see every vital staistic in an instant. I was also pleased that after they set up the system they were happy to work with me and make the tweaks I needed so it was exactly what I needed. Great work! Thank you ExcelHelp!

Daniel Amos

Busienss Owner / Lawyer

I am very satisfy with the excel worksheet that you have fix for me, I will definitly call you if I need your service again. thank You, Mike.

Mike Lisee

I called ExcelHelp and within 10 minutes a representative called me. They were extremely knowledgeable of excel and asked questions to help me understand exactly what I wanted to achieve. After a brief conversation and a few hours later, I received the spreadsheet I had wanted. The coding required to complete my spreadsheet was extremely detailed and time consuming, it is incredible how quickly they were able turn it around. A+ experience with ExcelHelp.

Dimitri Loupakos

Investment Management

They were very knowledgeable, patient and exceeded our expectations!

Karla Bailey

Vice President

The other testimonials on this page do not lie. They essentially took an issue that we had spent weeks on and had it solved the next day! Rates were far better than what I would have imagined. The cost and time savings made the services an excellent value to our growing company.

Michael Yost

This is a great resource for any business to have. They are very professional, HELPFUL, and responsive.

Joanna Genser

CFO, Mom Corps