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Data Analysis with Excel & Microsoft Tools

We Specialize in Producing the Results you Need from your Data

It can be frustrating when you have mountains of data but are not able to interpret that data into meaningful results. ESW‘s data analysts are well equipped to deal with piles of data, whether it is in the form of Excel workbooks, text files, XML or sitting in various Access, SQL or Oracle database tables. Depending on the need, our team can create a reusable application in order for to perform the analysis yourself going forward, or simply execute a one-time data crunch to produce the required output.

Recent Data Analyzation Projects

  • Report Automation
  • Dashboard Propagation
  • Cleansing Template Data
  • Conslidating Monthly Data
  • Payroll Data Manipulation
  • Small Business Reports
  • Budget vs Actual Reports
  • Student Data Imports
  • Financial Data Cleansing

Polished Reporting from Disorganized Data

Typically data is crunched in order to present the findings to a variety of people who care if the data is accurate as well as how it is displayed. At ESW, we pride ourselves in being able to produce polished reporting with a professional asthetic that is reuseable.

Easy-to-use Interfaces

If we are automating a process, our US vba programming analysts will make sure that the interface is user friendly and easy to operate. Even with small automation endeavours, each is a reflection of our product and attention to detail.

Review Meetings as Needed

Data analysis engagements can be time sensitive and we welcome the opportunity to help our clients out in a pinch. We can hold review meetings as needed depending on the complexity and specific requirements of the data analysis.

Bug Free Guarantee

We want you to feel confident that you’ve chosen the right company with whom to work. That’s why we have a Bug-Free Guarantee on all of our project work. We offer a thirty-day warranty on the deliverables listed in the Statement of Work that we both sign before the job begins.


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