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Our Excel / Microsoft programming methodology that delivers for projects of all sizes.

Transform Your Efficiency: Achieve More in Less Time

Startling Reality

Up to 30% of annual revenue is lost due to inefficiencies in companies.

Our Solution : Rock-Solid Build

We revolutionize your work processes by replacing laborious manual tasks with streamlined, automated systems. Utilizing MS Office, a platform you’re already familiar with, ensures smooth and quick adoption by your team.

Our Approach

  • Strategic Planning: We begin by comprehensively understanding your needs and crafting a tailored action plan.
  • Remote Development: Your custom solution is meticulously developed by our experts, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations.
  • Empowering Your Team: Post-development, we provide extensive training to your staff, ensuring they are well-equipped to leverage the new system to its full potential.

Impactful Results

Clients experience a staggering 250% increase in efficiency per project, coupled with a reduction in overhead costs by 20-40%.

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Getting the most out of your Development Team

The Rock-Solid Build ™ development methodology ensures maximum ROI by building Excel / Microsoft based applications (small or large) that typically allow clients to administrate and add on to without needing additional development.

1. Project Discovery or Roadmap – (Typicall via MS Teams)

We begin with a high level discussion to decipher what the goals are related to the engagement and if there are any opportunities to quicken the pace or look at a more cost effective method than what may be initially thought as a solution by the client.

2. Discuss Current Files & Systems

As our US team sifts through client’s data and process, we will ask many questions in order to make make proper recommendations and provide value as we move forward. Our goal as your professional consultants is to gather as much information as possible up front so we can provide the best course of action forward and not waste time.

3. Strategy & Contract

We put together a scope of work based on the Project Discovery and Current Files & System discussion(s). It’s at this point that we have all the pertinent information needed to figure out the maximum value that we can deliver within a client’s timeline & budget.

4. Project Kick-off

A project kick-off meeting is held with our team and business sponsors to confirm our development schedule as well as ongoing meeting schedule. For small projects, this may just be one or two meetings for larger projects, weekly or even bi-weekly meetings may be held.

5. Mockups (optional)

For our larger projects and typically with Excel to Cloud solutions, we provide full system mock-ups to ensure all requirements are understood and the user experience is excellent. This is an important step to making sure we maximize our development efforts.

6. Development & Quality Assurance

As development begins, our team rigorously tests and communicates with one another during the development process offering feedback & suggestions and confirming that formulas, VBA, SQL scripts and other fields are in working order. We will release a beta version once everything works as intended. We want our clients to focus on the user experience and business logic rather than buggy code.

7. User Acceptance Testing

The project manager will be releasing the most up-to-date version of the application to the client for testing on their systems. If there are any issues during this phase, we will figure out how to rectify the issue and/or hold additional meetings as needed.

8. Final Release & Training

We all agree that the application is functioning as expected and we may schedule an online training session or put together a user guide depending on the nature of the engagement. If there is ever an issue, clients simply email or call their account manager and we will take care of your requests.

9. Tweaks / Maintenance / Upgrades

Although our applications are dynamic and built to be sustainable by the client, we are always available to discuss changes, issues or additional phases of development.

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