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On average our solution clients improve efficiency by 250% per project and reduce project overhead by 70-90%.

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We service the entire Microsoft® stack

Excel Programming, Consulting and Training Services

Your Business Will Become More Efficient Using Microsoft Excel and Office Solutions

It goes without saying: Microsoft Excel is the world’s most powerful business solution. And the most widely employed. But what if you need a solution unique to your enterprise? That’s where we come in. Leveraging Excel properly is more powerful than most out-of-the-box solutions … more of an asset … because it’s customized to make sure it meets the specific needs of your business.

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Custom Excel Applications

Your organization will receive commercial-grade custom Excel applications fit for just your business and even the ability to extend them to seamlessly connect with a local or cloud database, 3rd party tool or other MS Office application. The benefits are enormous such as streamlined workflows, properly cataloged data for scalability, and the ability for employees to use these applications while not even in the office! We also offer superior onsite and offsite training to groups of staff across the USA as well as remote ongoing Excel support, not only for Excel, but for the entire Microsoft Office® Suite and other applications as well. The result? New levels of productivity, efficiency and competitiveness, almost certainly. And, very likely, increased market share, unprecedented growth, and greater profitability. These are some of the results of ESW customization routinely reported by our clients.

Excel Custom Solutions

Shown below are some of the ways outside-of-the-box thinking results in unique, Excel custom solutions. If your company could use some of that, we invite you to read on. If you’d like to know more right away, call us at 800-682-0882.

Or, if you prefer, tell us…

Excel and Office Consulting

Our Excel consulting teams are hands-on, roll-up their-sleeves listeners, observers and problem solvers. That’s how they’ve helped hundreds of companies take their confusing arrays of data and organize it into information business leaders can use.
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Advanced VBA Programming

Our team of U.S.-based engineers can develop branded Excel tools and dynamic applications to meet virtually any need in your MS Office environment. We can extend Excel VBA solutions to connect to an SQL-based external database-Access/Net, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and more. We can even develop directly on those platforms.

Access / SQL / Cloud applications

Our engineers can create your custom cloud applications in additional environments – SharePoint, .Net, Access. We can extend and develop robust central repositories so all data can be stored in a single place while deploying a local & flexible front-end excel application.


What will it take to take your enterprise to the next level? It could be as simple as training your employees to get the most out of Excel … to make the software work harder and smarter and do things the manuals don’t cover. Which is what we do for leading companies throughout North America. These companies consider ours the best onsite training available for Excel and–in fact–the entire Microsoft Office suite.

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Financial Reporting

Properly designed, financial reports can provide the critical information you need to make fully informed decisions about your company under a variety of conditions. A great many companies have discovered that our consulting teams’ financial models provide a significantly higher level of automation than they’ve experienced before.

High-Level Goal Discussion for Small & Large Projects

Fully understanding what the long and short term goals are is imperative to crafting an engagement that will be a complete success. We host an online (75% of the time) or on-site meeting and discuss at varying degrees of detail to design a winning plan. See how we won big for Current Builders.

Design & Prototyping

Let’s build it theoretically, first. On larger projects will create a process diagrams and discuss how we can alter and adjust data flow, repositories and end -user interaction. Smaller projects let’s mock the applications up within Excel and annotate all the calculations and workings.

Development Engagements

We discuss various types of fee schedules before projects begin that fit the needs and expectations of our clients. Upon project kick-offs, complete transparency and meeting plans are set that fit your schedule. You can expect timely, professional updates as the project proceeds.

On-Demand Data Analysis

We work in various capacities when it comes to data analysis and processing. Depending on the client’s needs, some engagements are well defined whereas others may require us to work on an as-needed basis daily, monthly or quarterly.

UAT / Beta Testing

Our team and the client are putting the application through its paces and confirming that all functionality is working as intended. If a bug is found, we fix it for free. See our bug-free guarantee*.

On-Demand Excel Support

Use our advanced Excel consulting teams as you need them within a budget and timeframe that works for you.

Fill out our contact form or call us right now at to find out more about our services. Whether you need Excel / Microsoft VBA programming, financial modeling, database support or training, we want to be your go-to resource.

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Use our advanced Excel consulting teams as you need them within a budget and timeframe that works for you.

ESoftware Associates, Inc

Based on 37 reviews
Marilyn O.
Marilyn O.
We used eSoftware for Excel training, it was amazing. The trainer, Clint, was very knowledgeable. He was very detailed and made the training easy to understand and follow. We will be using them again and I would highly recommend them.
Rebecca S.
Rebecca S.
We used eSoftware Associates for some company-wide, in-person Excel training courses. Our staff loved it! They did a great job helping us build-out sessions with custom topic choices. The provided trainer was very knowledgeable & friendly. Their office staff communicated promptly & professionally to all of our questions. Highly recommend them for your Microsoft training needs!
Hailey Q.
Hailey Q.
This was a great class for staff to attend. Each person had various skills associated with excel and we were able to customize the agenda to meet the needs of our agency. I really enjoyed the hands experience by completing exercises during the session. The presenter kept us engaged and had extensive knowledge on Excel. Would highly recommend!
James E.
James E.
ESW has been a fantastic resource over the past 2 years to me and my business. I reached out to many companies back in 2020 looking for a software company to help with my very unique set of circumstances and desires. Every one of those other companies were rigid and stubborn. If we weren't going to do it like everyone else - they weren't interested. Then I found ESW and they gave me exactly what I wanted and even though they said they didn't have another client like me - they would make it work. I've worked with Brandon for 2 years and my personal growth and business growth has been unbelievable.When you're looking for a software company to help you build your desired tool to help you do whatever it is you're looking to create - call ESW, you'll be glad you did. During my time, which is still ongoing, I've had the ultimate privilege to work with Brandon and Hannah, but in my interactions with many other members of their team - the culture and service was consistent throughout - incredible. They deserve more than 5 stars.
Response from the owner: Hi James,Thank you for writing such a wonderful review of our company and staff members. We're glad we met your specific needs were able to provide a level of service that was unique and beneficial. We're also delighted we could help you improve personally and professionally!We really do appreciate your kind words about our staff, especially Brandon and Hannah, and that our culture and service were constant throughout your experiences with us. We are grateful for your two years of support and your recommendation of our services.Thank you again and we look forward to serving you and your business in the future.