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Microsoft Excel & Office Training On-Site & Remote

While the software’s most basic characteristics aren’t difficult to learn,
its true potential power makes employees’ jobs easier, more enjoyable
and tremendously more productive.

Clients include Large Corporate, Small Business, Government, & Education

Proper Software Training Makes the Job More Efficient and Easier

We’ll help your business get the most from its Microsoft software … not by just showing your company’s employees how to use MS Excel and Office … but by training them in how to get the most out of them. To make the software work harder and smarter and do things the manuals don’t cover.

We’re ExcelHelp and we work with businesses large and small to help their employees become more productive. Which, in turn, helps those businesses become more competitive and more profitable.

We do that by providing what many leading companies consider the best onsite and offsite training in Excel and, in fact, the entire Microsoft Office suite – including Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Access® and Microsoft Powerpoint®.

And we provide that training at prices almost any business can afford.


Certified Excel Professionals are here to streamline your efforts.

Better Trainers, Better Training


Every one of our Excel trainers is a seasoned professional with over eight years of field experience. And they don’t teach “our” content. They teach yours. That means partnering with you every step of the way to make sure what our trainers teach is structured to reflect your business and your needs.

Our training is hands-on and based on learning by doing. Trainees work with the program during the hands-on training sessions or immediately following a demonstration and their progress is monitored throughout. We leave no question unanswered and no employee behind.

ExcelHelp’s methods have been shown to produce the deepest learning in the shortest amount of time. And to result in far greater retention rates.

What’s more…


We don’t fly in our trainers from across country.

Generally, they just drive across town.

We may be a national company but we’re as local as they get. We have trainers all over the U.S. Probably in your city or one close by.

And that means not only are we well-positioned to offer follow-up support, we don’t have the high transportation costs some training firms do. Which means that…


We’re Astonishingly Affordable


You’ll find our pricing quite competitive with that of the other leading training services. Especially when you consider the quality of our trainers and the superiority of our proprietary training methods. Our daily rate for Excel on-site training depends on your location, the number of students and our…

Multi-Day/Multi-Week Discounts

Which make our already affordable prices are even more so. What’s more…

We can be very flexible

Flexible as in offering training that fits your workday schedule and multiple levels of customization. We can customize an MS Excel curriculum based on your company’s specific needs – from simple data to advanced data mining techniques.

You tell us what works best for your company and you’ll discover something rather extraordinary among training services: We listen. And we’ll work with you to help you achieve your training goals with minimum disruption of the workplace. We’ll even train at…


On-site and Remote


While most companies prefer on-site training, sometimes it makes sense to conduct training off-site. If that makes more sense for yours, we’ll be glad to provide our training at a location your employees will find convenient and comfortable.

All of which might prompt you to ask … why is ExcelHelp offering this extraordinary level of training at a rather ordinary price? It’s simple, really…


We want to be your training partner

While we’re more than happy to start with a one-day training session, our goal is a long-term relationship. So we make a Herculean effort to make sure every aspect of our training meets your company’s needs.


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    10 things you should know about ExcelHelp Training

    • We offer superior training in MS Excel and all MS Office applications
    • We have some of the most experienced trainers in the business.
    • Each with over eight years experience
    • We’re local and national
    • We’re astonishingly affordable
    • We offer Multi-day, Multi-week discounts
    • We can be very flexible to fit your work schedule and your needs
    • We’re the choice of some of the world’s leading companies
    • We provide outstanding onsite and offsite training
    • We’re looking for a long-term relationship
    • We offer a free, no-obligation consultation
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