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Microsoft Access, SQL, and Cloud Database Development

We Build Premier Custom Database Solutions for Your Business Needs

Our custom solutions maximize Microsoft Access, SQL Server & Azure to give every user in your enterprise all he or she needs to work more efficiently and productively. While providing you with the essential information you must have to make decisions critical to your company.

Our Database solutions are created exclusively to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. And because our solutions allow for scalability even to the enterprise level, today’s investment in customization will still make sense tomorrow.

What’s more, our solutions can often compliment your existing systems and make them work more efficiently. And that means you don’t have to throw out everything you have now in order to achieve productivity gains.

Even more important are the benefits derived from the increased efficiency and greater productivity gained as a result of implementing an ESW custom Access and SQL solutions. Over time, those benefits can give your company a significant competitive advantage.

All of which means that an investment in our database solution team can yield enormous dividends.

But remember this …

Not all Database solutions are created equal.

Not by a long shot. Solutions offered by other less established companies might fail to achieve the increased productivity and efficiency that ours provide.

ExcelHelp SQL & Access solutions are created by an experienced staff of some of the most talented software engineers in the business. They have worked with the Microsoft stack since it was first introduced, almost every single day.

And because our programmers and consultants work across the entire Microsoft Office suite, we are particularly well positioned to integrate Access & SQL (+ MySQL, Oracle, etc) with other MS products such as MS Excel, MS Outlook, MSWord, MS PowerPoint and others.

What’s more, we are a US-based company with a fifteen-year record of service to our clients. We work remotely or onsite. And unlike some “consultants” or individual providers, we will be around to provide any needed assistance long after your project has been implemented.

No wonder ExcelHelp database solutions have helped some of the world’s largest corporations as well as growing companies increase productivity and efficiency.

Here are a few of those.

In closing, our Microsoft Access Consultants specialize in crafting custom database solutions to meet your business’s unique needs. We are experts at Microsoft Access and provide extensive support for creating an efficient and user-friendly system that can scale up as your business grows.

With our premier guaranteed solutions, you will benefit from data that is easily searchable, secure, accessible on mobile devices, and customizable to suit your ever-changing requirements.

Our team of experts will work with you until you get a tailored system that perfectly built for your specific needs – making your business more productive while allowing your staff to be more efficient!

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What about your company?

Why not find out how our expertise in Microsoft Access can do the same for your company? Consultations are without charge or obligation. To arrange for one, just click on the button below.

What you can expect from us

  • We develop new databases, repair old ones, offer training and support.
  • We provide custom database solutions integrating SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and more.
  • We have some of the best trained, most experienced software engineers anywhere.
  • We’ve been involved with MS Access since it was first offered.
  • We’re both local and national. And all-USA based.
  • Compared to solutions offered by other providers, ours are surprisingly affordable. Some providers charge hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for similar solutions.
  • We use advanced VBA/SQL programming techniques to develop the most efficient solutions.
  • We guarantee our work to be 100% bug-free. If it isn’t we’ll fix it at no additional charge.
  • We’re the choice of some of the world’s leading companies. And those who plan to be.
  • We work across the entire Microsoft Office suite. So we know how to make them work together for you.

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    Some real life examples

    To give you a better idea of what we can do for your MS Access database, we’ll share with you what we’ve done for a few others.

    Larocca & Associates Inc.

    LaRocca and Associates, Inc. is an insurance broker company managing thousands of continually growing groups, carriers and agents. LaRocca maintains lines of coverage and pay commission by the carrier based on per employee, rate or % of premium of coverage. Complex challenges were being maintained and managed in a series of Excel workbooks with one key business owner that knew the entire process.

    The challenge:

    The project was quite complex as each group can have variables lines of coverage with multiple carriers and multiple agents would represent various groups with resulting commission. Payment reports had to be provided for not only agents but for all groups and entities. Statements needed to be generated monthly on-the-fly with all types of splits inclusive. End user interface developed that would allow mutliple staff to be involved in the process including data entry and maintenance. View Portfolio…


    Scioto County Co-Op Milk Producers out of Ohio needed assistance automating an existing legacy process to load data and generate a suite of reports. The Co-Op supports local area farmers who produce milk and get paid according to the quantity and quality of milk produced. Samples are sent off-site to a lab to generate quality data on the milk provided. Once analyzed and data entered in to the system, payments are sent to the farmers. Reports and data are also sent to the USDA.

    The challenge:

    Original legacy system had to be deciphered by the ExcelHelp Engineer to determine how the legacy data was being loaded for lab data and weigh information. Updates to the system were required to bring the technology up-to-date to match current operating systems and software versions. Green-bar reports also needed revamping and automating to provide an updated look/feel and standard outputs. A suite of reports were generated including USDA Government reporting that was needed in a standard format. Export functionality built for feeding data back to USDA in a standard format. Payment processing needed updating to support advance and final payments to the farmers based on the data provided. Input of weigh tickets also needed updating to better track producer and delivery information. The lab data needed to be automatically imported and connected to the weigh ticket data for producing payments and reporting. Gathering the requirements and rules for the data integrations and reporting were the biggest challenges of the project. The quantity of data needed on the reports also posed usability challenges to the project. View Portfolio…

    The Government of St Lucia

    Our staff studied the current St Lucian government processes, systems and made recommendations based on current and future needs. Their operation was being managed by mostly a paper trail that provided no central repository for document storage or automated workflow process.

    The challenge:

    The solution became a front end Microsoft Access UI with a backend Microsoft Azure database which is hosted in the cloud. End users have access from anywhere as long as their credentials are current. This database now them to keep track of all government contracts from origination to completion. It standardizes data entry, manages deadlines, provides daily/weekly/monthly/annual reports, along with real-time reports and charts to compare against efficiency models. View Portfolio…


    Need help with Access, SQL or Oracle databases?

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