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View case studies of our Excel, Access, SQL hybrid development below:

Processing insurance claims can be challenging due the vast amount of data that is required and the process is typically very manual. eSoftware Associates was hired to improve a manual claims processing system as well as a build a quoting tool for another firm.

Efficiently managing project resources in the construction industry can be very difficult. ESW built a calculation engine that would forecast full-time and contractor resource availability as they rolled off and on to projects. A huge win for the executive team when it came to resource planning.

There are a tremendous amount of moving pieces in the automotive manufacturing industry that prohibits one software solution from servicing all. ESW has provided cost savings and extreme value over the past decade by designing BOM, estimate and inventory systems per specific client requirements.

Attempting to create a single process for all of your products and custom manufacturing processes can be extremely burdensome since there is so many pieces of data to consider. ESW aligns manufacturing business with proper technology in order to grow without interruption.

Based on the nature of the finance industry, ESW has had a vast array of opportunities to assist, streamline and develop efficient systems related to financial models, database repositories, reporting and various visualization analytics for financial companies.

ESW works in many facets of the Oil & Gas industry from assisting various drillers in analyzing their findings to helping pipelines and worldwide oil transport companies make sense out of their rig or oil related data.

At ESW, we partner with law firms in order to provide case intensive data analysis, interpretation and documentation for court proceedings and settlement activity. Our teams will even provide expert testimony as is necessary and today’s legal world.

ESW works with local, state, federal and approved foreign government entities in a variety of capacities which include general technology consulting, supplemental data analysis, Microsoft application support & development and training. Learn how ESW streamlined an entire country in 2016.

Fast growing startups need access to accurate information and reports for management to review at the drop of a hat. ESW takes pride in wrangling the suite of Microsoft applications to provide flexible retrieval of information in a fast-paced environment.

Learn how ESW has developed compliant healthcare and pharmaceutical Microsoft Excel forms & database applications for various organizations over the past decade.

ESW works with many colleges all over the country providing support for various Microsoft related applications and training to fill in gaps where in-house resources do not exist. Many of these clients have partnered with ESW for many years.

ESW works with many understand all of your data in a quickly changing marketplace becomes burdensome with out-of-the-box solutions and why we have helped numerous Fortune 500 retail chains improve their data awareness and analytics.

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