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“Thank you all very much for your work, I hope to see enormous results from this development project.”
-Nadia W., Chief Economic Officer, Government of Saint Lucia

Application Type:

Federal Government Capital Expenditure Project Management Application

A Country Snapshot:

Saint Lucia is an Eastern Caribbean island nation with a pair of dramatically tapered mountains, the Pitons, on its west coast. Its coast is home to volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, luxury resorts and fishing villages. The government is structured with a Cabinet of Ministers consisting of the Prime Minister and the other Ministers. ESW was cordially invited by the chief economic officer to run requirements meetings on site in the Castries with various ministers and importance parliament.

Their Needs:

The country that has a cap rate of under $1 billion USD needed a method to provide much more granular details and updates to officials on capital expenditure projects underway around the country. Many of these projects take place in remote areas and project leads have no consistent method of logging or reporting various types progress including financial, milestone and most importantly, risk analysis. To that extent, government officials have had little insight into project health and absolutely needed a way to improve overall project management for capital expenditure projects.

The Solution:

ESW developed a Microsoft Access database that would would connect with their Smart Stream currency system and provide up-to-date financials on a milestone level. In addition, risk profiles were developed to be applied when classifying projects with numerous other data inputs. A map was added to allow for visual representation and drill-down of where projects were taking place. Finally, a polished dynamic reporting mechanism and visualization display provides users access to pertinent data for use in real-time.

Key Client Benefits:

Saint Lucia can now closely monitor projects around their gorgeous country and have insight to risk and other metrics associated with each undertaking.



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