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Life Insurance Case Study

We have helped many Life Insurance agencies streamline their processes and become more efficient

Application Type:

Life Insurance Proposal Generator

A Company Snapshot:

ARI Financial Group (AFG) is a boutique insurance agency specializing in advanced life insurance concepts and premium financing services designed to help grow and conserve wealth by delivering personalized service and creative planning.

Their Needs:

ARI’s insurance agents were spending an inordinate amount of time generating client proposals. For each proposal, they were copying and pasting information downloaded from multiple insurance carriers for each insured into Excel spreadsheets. This information was then manually consolidated on a summary sheet for comparison, selection and presentation to ARI’s clients. Along the way, client names and birthdates had to be re-entered in multiple places. The agents came to us looking for a more streamlined, efficient process of generating proposals.

The Solution:

An Excel application was developed to automate the process of developing client proposals. The home page provides an interface for entering client information, which then is used to auto-populate cells throughout the application. It also provides functionality for browsing to and selecting import files for the various insurance carriers.

Key Client Benefits:

Insurance Agents at ARI can develop client proposals in a fraction of the time that they previously spent on them. This gives them more time to customize and optimize the proposals for their clients.



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