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“The program your team wrote is exactly what we need and is a phenomenal time saver for us. What would have taken 3-4 days, takes about 45 minutes!”
-Robert G., CEO, Vanguard Claims

Application Type:

Multiple Insurance Vendor Reconciliation Tool

A Company Snapshot:

Vanguard provides claims administration with a unique program model that provides each of their clients with a uniform level of claims handling. Vanguard offers third party administration services for commercial automobile, inland marine exposures, as well as commercial and residential property.

Their Needs:

Processing insurance claims can be challenging due the vast amount of data that is required. Vanguard hired eSoftware Associates to improve their manual claims processing system. Prior to contacting ESW, Vanguard had to manually consolidate reports, which was a time-consuming and tedious process. They needed a better way to process data and generate reports.

The Solution:

ESW developed code to automatically pull data from various reports into one Excel file, ultimately eliminating the manual process of moving data from one spreadsheet to another. The ESW development team also created custom reports and reporting dashboards that allow Vanguard to collect and analyze data more efficiently and accurately. Manual data entry was replaced by adding user-friendly buttons that enable users to simply make a selection to generate specific data sets. ESW also provided advanced front-end tables to allow users to easily view information in a single location.

Key Client Benefits:

Vanguard can process claims data much quicker with the enhanced processing tool. Instead of manually manipulating data, they can sort, filter, and search specific criteria. Additionally, the Vanguard team can generate accurate and precise reports. The automation features developed by ESW has enabled Vanguard to improve their overall internal business workflow.



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