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Excel IsNull Function

The Excel  IsNullFunction is used to determine whether or not a variable has a value assigned or not.

The Basics:

True/False = IsNull(Variable)


 Dim variableToEvaluate As Variant

 variableToEvaluate = Null

 If IsNull(variableToEvaluate) Then MsgBox “The variable variableToEvaluate has no assigned value”





Note: An effective way to evaluate if a value has been assigned to any variable is to use the following command len(trim(Variable))>0. No matter what type of variable is used if it contains a value this function will identify it.







 ‘Declare variables


 Dim StringToProcess As String’Variable string to process

 Dim arrValues() As String’String Array

 Dim A, B As Long  ‘Value to use as a counter

 Dim tmpValue As Variant

 Dim Check As Boolean




 StringToProcess = ActiveSheet.Cells(2, 1).Value ‘Assign the information to process to our variable

  arrValues() = Split(StringToProcess, ” “) ‘Parse the string into a string array using a space delimiter

  Counter = 5


  For A = LBound(arrValues) To UBound(arrValues)

  Check = IsNumeric(arrValues(A))

  If Check Then

  ActiveSheet.Cells(Counter, 1).Value = CDbl(arrValues(A))

  Counter = Counter + 1

  End If




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