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Keyboard Shortcuts to Save You Time in Excel

Make your Excel job easier by speeding up your work

In Microsoft Excel, there are various shortcut keys that can help speed up your day-to-day work.  the less time you spend moving from your keyboard to your mouse, the more productive you can be.  The tips and tricks listed below are some commonly used shortcuts that we use all the time.  Feel free to add some of your own favorites through our “comment box” below.

Keystroke Command (action)

(tips for below: “+” means hold down while “,” one button after another)

Ctrl + Home (brings you to cell A1)

Ctrl + End (brings you to cell in last active row / column)

Ctrl + Page Down (moves right between worksheets)

Ctrl + Page Up (moves left between worksheets)

Alt, O, H, R (rename worksheet)

Alt, D, G, G (must be highlighted, groups)

Alt, D, G, U (ungroup cells)

Alt, I, R (insert row)

Alt, I, C (insert column)

Alt + = (auto sum columns above until break point)

Ctrl + C (copy)

Ctrl + X (cut)

Ctrl + V (paste)

Ctrl + Z (undo)

Ctrl + Y (redo)

Alt, E, V (paste special – V is values and T is format – 2 most commonly used)

Shift + Space Bar (highlights / selects row)

Ctrl + Space Bar (highlights / selects column)

Ctrl + – (delete row / column)

Ctrl + + (insert row / column)

Ctrl + Down Arrow / Up Arrow (brings to end of column – hold down shift for range)

Ctrl + Left Arrow / Right Arrow (brings to end of row – hold down shift for range)

F2 (edit formula)

F4 (anchors cell when in edit mode F2)

F2, F9 (show exact results of formula bar)

F5 or Ctrl + G (go to specific cell)

Ctrl + R (use when selecting row and want to copy formula right)

Ctrl + D (use when selecting row and want to copy formula down)

Ctrl + P or Alt, F, P (print)

Alt, F, V (print preview)

F4 (repeats last function)

Alt, T, O (tools options)

Ctrl + 1 (format cells)

Ctrl + Tab (toggle between multiple excel workbooks – hold down shift to go backwards)