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Excel Applications for the Life Sciences Industry

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Excel Applications for the Life Sciences Industry

At ExcelHelp.com, our expert Microsoft Excel VBA developers have built applications for a wide variety of purposes in the Life Sciences Industry. In this post, some of our recent work will be highlighted to demonstrate the possibilities.

  • Regulatory Compliance Tracker
  • Temperature and Humidity Tracker
  • Patient Progression Dashboard
  • Quote and Work Order Generator

Regulatory Compliance Tracker

Pharmaceutical companies, in particular, know the importance of having efficient and effective processes for managing compliance with the extensive regulations pertaining to the industry. We have built trackers that incorporate lists of each and every applicable regulation. These lists are then used by management to determine the compliance level with respect to each regulation and any actions needed to maintain or attain a high level of compliance.

Data collected in these detailed trackers is then automatically aggregated into charts that provide overviews of compliance scores in the ways that are most meaningful to management. Below is a chart that shows the historical Compliance Scorecard relating to Safety, Health and Environment regulations. Data aggregation occurs on a division level basis and a corporate level basis for an even higher level overview of compliance.   This client chose to use heat map colors to clearly distinguish areas needing more attention from those that are in compliance.

Temperature and Humidity Tracker

Excel’s superior calculation engine, graphics capabilities and native functionality make it an excellent choice for analyzing and viewing data. Another one of our clients in the pharmaceutical industry selected us to develop an Excel application that helps them understand the temperature and humidity data collected and stored by their monitoring system. On a periodic basis, users download data from their monitoring system and use a button in the application to automatically import the data. In the Excel application, the user is able to select a specific monitoring point in the facility, the date range and other graph parameters. Then the data is automatically displayed in an easy to understand chart.

Patient Dashboard

A medical device supplier wanted to help doctors and staff better understand the progression of patients through the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment phases at their treatment center. Our expert VBA developers worked closely with their team to develop an application with a Dashboard for visualizing the data that is regularly collected as part of their normal operations. The application pulls in data from a patient database and performs counts based on certain criteria. These counts are then used as a basis for the charts and tables in the Dashboard.

Quote and Work Order Generator

A client that produces products for clinical trials needed a more efficient method of generating quotes and work orders. Since each order is custom and involves different pricing methods for each product, the client needed a dynamic quoting tool.   We helped develop a tool with the following features:

  • Line items can be added or removed with a button that automatically adjusts column and row totals.
  • Associated costs can be identified as fixed or proportional and applied to the selected products
  • Profit Margins can be specified and automatically incorporated in the pricing calculations
  • A popup allows users to select the applicable quantity discount to apply
  • Invoices are generated as PDF files and automatically exclude the information that is for internal use only


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