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Microsoft Excel for Streamlining Work Processes

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Microsoft Excel for Streamlining Work Processes

Microsoft Excel has been around for years, but that only means the software has continually improved to better meet the needs of modern businesses. Many small companies use Excel to help with their simple accounting tasks, but Excel offers much more than these basic functions. Companies that work with complicated financial analysis rely on Excel. Corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees use Excel every day to track their inventory and schedule their workers. With proper training, you too can become an expert at performing complicated tasks with your Excel software.


Anyone who deals with finances will benefit from using Excel. Small companies may simply need straight-forward spreadsheets. On the other hand, those in the finance industry must learn to fully utilize the software in order to effectively analyze financial data.

Excel training should focus on data manipulation, formatting, and formulas. On the most basic level, you need to know how to use the spreadsheets by inserting or deleting data, how to present the data so that others can more easily read and understand it, and learn navigational shortcuts so you can more efficiently access your various worksheets. As a result, you will require extensive training in Excel in order to get the greatest benefit from the program.


While many companies use Excel for financial tasks and analysis, almost every aspect of your business can benefit from the program. For instance, human resource departments can greatly ease their workload by using Excel to keep track of employee attendance and compensation. Although these departments can buy specialized software for these tasks, they also have a less expensive option:templates.

Rather than create their own spreadsheet, they can find an Employee Absence Schedule and quickly fill in their data. More recent versions of Excel offer better and more efficient templates than were available previously. While these templates obviously work in HR, they can be adapted by almost every department in a business to streamline paperwork. Your team can quickly be trained in how to use these templates so they can spend less time on spreadsheet creation.


Small businesses, in particular, may use Excel to create a customer database.

A small business may begin by keeping spreadsheets to simply track purchases and then later expand efforts to create a database that provides more extensive customer information. Excel allows its users to simply add additional fields when necessary, which helps adapt to a company’s growth over the years. Excel is designed to meet ever-changing needs, which clearly saves man hours and money.

Some businesses consider Excel very basic and a limited tool, when, in fact, Excel can be used to complete the most complicated tasks as well as the simplest. Unfortunately, many employees only have an entry-level knowledge of Excel and cannot take full advantage of the software.

At eSoftware, we recommend hiring professionals to train your staff so that they can use everything Excel has to offer. Once your staff members learn templates, shortcuts and other navigational tricks, they will be more efficient and their work will be completed more quickly and accurately.

If you would like us to help you get ahead in training your staff in Excel, send us a message and we will gladly talk anytime. 1-800-682-0882 or submit an inquiry here.