Microsoft® InfoPath® 2010

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1 Day (6.5 instructionalhours)

Info Path 2010

Course Number:084569S3

Course Objective:

You will learn how to use Info Path to gather and share information by creating and implementing XML-based forms.

Target Student:

This course is meant for those with Web design experience, form administrators, information coordinators, and Microsoft Office system power users who need to gather, reuse, distribute, and collaborate using XML-based forms.

Course Objective:

To ensure success, students will need to be familiar with using or have equivalent knowledge of Microsoft Office products, concentrating in forms development and experience working in a tagged environment (such as HTML or Frame maker with SGML).

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Creating Info Path Forms

Topic A: Explore the Info Path 2010 Interface

Topic B: Draft a Form

Topic C: Add Data Validation Rules

Topic D: Test a Form

Lesson 2: Importing and Exploring Forms

Topic A: Import Form Data Using Info Path Designer

Topic B: Export Form Data to Excel Using Info Path Filler

Topic C: Export Form Data to the Web Using Info Path Filler

Lesson 3: Customizing Form Layouts

Topic A: Customize Tables

Topic B: Format a Form

Topic C: Insert Graphical Objects

Topic D: Create Sections

Topic E: Merge Forms

Lesson 4: Managing Views

Topic A: Create Custom Views

Topic B: As sign User Roles to a View

Lesson 5: Applying Security to Forms

Topic A: Protect Info Path Forms

Topic B: Restrict Access to a Form

Topic C: Set Security Zones

Lesson 6: Distributing Forms

Topic A: Publish a Form

Topic B: Publish a Form to Email Recipients

Topic C: Troubleshoot Publishing Problems

Lesson 7: Managing Controls

Topic A: Describe Data Source Concepts

Topic B: Customize Controls

Topic C: Bind Controls

Lesson 8: Working with a Database

Topic A: Develop a Form from a Database

Topic B: Use Info Path Forms to Add Records to a Database

Topic C:Use Info Path Forms to Querya Database

Topic D: Populate Form Controls from a Database

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